Lmaoooo well that’s a little subjective depending on what you like 

If you want slow, easy, lighthearted sex, then Minato. If you’re also the type who likes to dom your man in bed, then Minato. Minato is just all around a more gentle lover 

Tobirama on the other hand is rough and intense. He can be intimate and sensual too, but for the most part it’s hard and fast. I will say that Tobirama can inadvertently make you come without even trying. As long as he’s fucking you hard or deep enough you just kind of… cum. So that’s always a plus? 

On the other hand, Minato will work you up to an orgasm for as long as it takes so like?? It just depends on what you like 

@coralscanvas you have saved the life of this meager hoe thank u my savior 

@savagebutfree ahhhh thank you so much! I love Grimmjow, I do notice there’s not much of him around. You just have to know where to look! My friend over at @sexintheseireitei writes lotsss and lots of excellent Grimmjow headcanons, in case you haven’t seen already. You should check it out!