•Hashirama can enjoy strip clubs just for the enthusiastic atmosphere. He’s not a huge fan of the basis of stripping, mostly because he’d see all these other guys catcalling and harassing the strippers, and Hashirama doesn’t like that disrespect. In which case, Hashirama is that guy who tries to defend them and politely ask these unruly dudes to calm down. Hashirama thinks he can be the friendly bouncer. He tries to be a mediator even in a strip club. What a dork

•Hashirama is more likely to pay the strippers a lot of money so they don’t dance on him. He just gets this little awkward, polite smile on his face and says No thank you to anyone who offers a lapdance. He just feels bad accepting them

•But if he’s drunk though then he probably wouldn’t say no. He welcomes people into his lap. Gets allll the lapdances. Strippers probably give him free lapdances just because he’s so cute. They love him. He’s just there with a drink in his hand, laughing loudly while some stripper is in his lap, playing with his long hair


•Tobirama is such a dick. If the strippers come close to him, if they even look his general direction, he’s gives them this haughty, cold look and says “No. Go away.” And the strippers are always so offended and storm off. Hashirama leans over to Tobirama like, “Tobirama… you don’t have to be so mean”. Hashirama is probably the one who dragged him there in the first place

•Tobirama just sits there, arms crossed, looking grumpy as ever. You can’t even get him to take a drink and loosen up. The atmosphere just bothers him. He doesn’t know why strippers do what they do. Receiving money for getting half naked and dancing around? Hashirama probably does that anyway when he’s drunk, and Tobirama never sees anyone paying him. Tobirama just doesn’t get it. Not a fan of strip clubs tbh. You have to drag him there if you want him to go

•And if a stripper manages to get on his lap hooooo lord help them. Tobirama will shove them off. He really will. He’s the one who gets in a fight with the bouncer tbh. He doesn’t give a shit


•Madara finds strip clubs mildly amusing, but he’s honestly not one to openly seek out strippers who will dance on him. He can enjoy the show they’re putting on at the stage if he really wants. I pretty much imagine Hashirama dragging everyone to the club just for fun and Madara begrudgingly agreed. The most harrowing part of the trip for Madara is pretty much watching Hashirama down more and more drinks until he’s drunk off his ass. That’s pretty much the highlight of the trip anyway. So Madara just has to shoo off the occasional stripper who shifts their attention from Hashirama to him

•I mean, if Madara finds the stripper particularly attractive then sure. Come flirt with him. See how far you get. But Madara isn’t really looking for anything serious with a stripper. He’s not even looking to fool around. He’ll just entertain them for a while, making it obvious as he sweeps his eyes up and down their body

•He doesn’t pay though. He’s just not one who’s going to pay. His mode of operation is likely just waiting until a stripper is so eager to please him that they willingly dance for him or something. Madara Uchiha doesn’t pay for it