Jushiro Ukitake

•Jushiro blushes rather easily, and from the simplest of things. If he’s looking at her and the light catches her hair and face just right, and she looks so damn cute and pretty, he just smiles and blushes a little. He can’t help it

•He’s very good about keeping his feelings contained, mostly because she’ll probably mistake his adoration for Jushiro just being Jushiro. He’s congenial and friendly with everyone. When she catches him staring, he just smiles and waves. Makes it look like no big deal, but on the inside, his heart is beating fast

•Whenever he manages to pull her into conversation, it’s difficult to make him stop. He’ll just sit next to her and talk and talk and talk for hours, if possible. He just really likes talking to her. He’s nervous sometimes, but his bright smile wouldn’t let on to that. You’d see them in the corner of the room just chatting away. As long as he has her attention, he can’t let it go 

•He starts bringing her gifts too. He hides it under the disguise of handing out gifts to lots of people, but a quick inspection of the gift he offers her, and you can tell it’s more meaningful and he kind of went the extra mile

•Just seeing her really brightens his day. He can’t not smile when she’s around. Even if he’s had a really shitty day and his mood is dampened, seeing her, sometimes even if it’s just fleetingly, like literally the back of her head or something, it just relaxes him. Even if his demeanor is really sullen, he has to shake it off as soon as she comes around. He wouldn’t want to make it look as if her presence is pestering him, and he definitely doesn’t want to give the impression that her company is unwelcome because it’s definitely not

•As previously stated, he’s of course super friendly with like everyone in the Seireitei. But you’d notice he was much more enthusiastic around her. When he greets people, she always get the most exuberant one. Even if she’s with a crowd of people, it’s kinda funny. Like, “Good morning Unohana-taichou… good morning Komamura-taichou… oh, GOOD MORNING _______-SAN.”  What a dork

•Ukitake isn’t necessarily the type to change his whole schedule around just to make a point of ‘accidentally’ running into her, but if he’s around her squad barracks, or wherever she may reside, he always loiters a little longer just in the hopes of seeing her. He feels guilty if he’s in the neighborhood and he doesn’t get a chance to say hi to her. He might try to convince himself it’s simply being courteous, but nah. He just really wants to see her

•Also, Jushiro can’t help but mention her a little too frequently around Shunsui or his 3rd seats. It’s not an overwhelming or blatant amount, not enough to be annoying, but Shunsui gets this little smile on his face because oOoooooo Jushiro has a crush? 

“You seem very fond of ______-san, Jushiro,” he would say one day. And Jushiro blushes a little but smiles thoughtfully, not one to deny his feelings. “Do I? Well… maybe I do.”