in which I am this close to dropping out of college because of mid terms and I write these dumb headcanons because I like to project my problems onto fictional characters (((:

Itachi notices you struggling but doesn’t approach you immediately. It starts with the occassional “How is your studying?” and “Do you need me to help you?” If you snap at him then he’s kinda like okay just calm down for a second. But he understands you’re stressed. The worse it gets, the more inclined he is to ask if you’d like to take a break from studying. Even if it’s just to sit down and watch a movie. He encourages you to take a break every now and then, so you don’t completely fry your brain

Naruto tries to cheer you up by interjecting the occasional inside joke because he knows they usually make you laugh. It’s if you don’t laugh that he gets worried. He even pouts. He doesn’t like it when you’re upset and stressed. When you’re stressed, he’s stressed. He might back off a little, but once you have a break, he orders a shit load of food and has it waiting for you on the dining room table. (He’s neglecting his own studying time for this btw. He probably wasn’t going to do in depth studying anyway, but the fact he abandoned it all together for you, shows how much he cares)

In the beginning, Tobirama just makes it worse for you because he’s so persistent and annoying. He probably harped at you in the first place about the necessity of studying hard for exams, but once he noticed it was really messing you up and stressing you out, he felt bad and wanted to find a way to ease you out of it. He’s not very good at soothing though, so it’s likely that you’ll snap at him and he’ll snap back. 

Easiest way to make him put up a white flag though is to just have a breakdown and start crying in front of him. He’s like FUCK okay break time stop studying let’s go out and get some fresh air okay stop crying rn. 

Idk why, but I just imagined in my head him taking you to pick up fast food, and Tobirama never eats fast food. You’re just sitting there munching on your burger and fries and he’s staring at his food like it’s going to burst into flames at any second. But he endures it and eats the nasty shit, just to appease you. He just wants you to calm down and not stress out. He thinks diligence is important, but once he sees it’s at the expense of your health, he doesn’t like it. He’ll even offer to study with you or help you in any way that he can. You just gotta break through his hard shell a little, then he’ll really cater to you because he really does hate to see his s/o hurting

Might as well do all the founders because you know those are my babies

Hashirama encouraged you from the beginning to take breaks and hang out with him during your studying hours. He’d go out to buy you food if you were busy and forgot to eat. Bring you glasses of water and smoothies to hydrate you. Ask you to jump into bed with him and take a short nap when he could see the bags under your eyes weren’t getting any better. The minute you react negatively though, as in, you’re getting a little annoyed that he’s so persistent– he stops, even if it makes him feel a little guilty and dampens his mood. 

But he knows better than to bother you if it’s just going to stress you out more. And once your exams are over he treats you soooo much, whether that’s taking you out to eat or having a cute movie night with you, or just relaxing and sleeping for 12 hours straight. Or. Dicking you down nicely. Just depends on what you want (((: 

(btw, would definitely go down on you while you were sitting at your desk reading over notes. He thinks it’s going to relax you, but it ends up completely distracting you from your work bc no one can ignore that tongue ok)

Madara honestly gets mad at you for stressing yourself out so much. Even with school, Madara tries to be laid back. He does well in school no matter what the subject is, with minimal studying (you’d be so jealous of him tbh) so he might underestimate how taxing your workload could be. 

Don’t get mad at him though, he’s just genuinely worried about you. He knows the negative effects of stress, knows how it can damage you emotionally, so he always tries to pry you out of your grievous slumps and make you take a break, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. He’s also the one who will offer to do your homework for you, if it comes down to it. 

Similar to Hashirama, will dick you down upon request

Izuna is a giant fuck up. He makes little comments like “I don’t even know why you’re trying to cram in one night. It’s your fault for waiting so long” or “How hard can it be?”. Nice. It’s after you snap at him or tell him to gtfo that he starts feeling bad, but he’ll still go sulk somewhere else for a while. But when he comes back, he’ll have food for you or a cup of coffee

Kakashi finds a way to ease you into accepting his assistance, even if you’re so frustrated that you don’t want anyone to bother you. He’s good at persuading when it comes to these things though. He’ll offer to look over your answers or brainstorm with you if necessary. Help you figure out a little study strategy. Don’t forget that Kakashi is a genius, so he’s got this shit down. Probably studied for a total of 5 minutes for his exams and that was it. (Though he probably overestimated himself in some courses, and when he looked at the test, he blanked. Time to fill in C for every answer, he’d say to himself)

Neji is also the type who nagged you about keeping up with your studying. If you’re swamped because you didn’t start studying earlier, Neji continues to nag and make you feel guilty. It’s when you blow up and demand that he “Go away!” that Neji is like…. why are you yelling at me. Neji would obey though, and honestly leave you alone for the rest of the day. But you’d get a text message later that night asking “Do you need anything?” because awww he feels bad (okay so Neji’s response and Tobirama’s are interchangeable now that I think about it. Neji begrudgingly takes you to get some gross fast food or lots of ice cream. And Tobirama sends you a text when the guilt eats at him. What grumpy boys)

Shikamaru will read over your essays and pick out any mistakes, or help you rephrase little things to embellish the essay, even if it is, of course, “troublesome”. Anything to take a little stress off your shoulders though