#1 PRESENT YES. He’ll tell you no no no he doesn’t want it literally the entire time, but once the dick is in the mouth there’s no going back. he would love it 

Ooooo he likes fish. But just because that’s his favorite food lmao. He likes most marine life in general tbh. Not to eat them I mean. Like he’s not gonna fish an otter out of the water and eat it. This sounds bad. He likes most marine life that’s what I mean. He would dig aquariums. Fish are friends, not food Tobirama. 

He’s my uncle’s dog but I WISH HE WAS MINE. He’s such a cutie. He’s so odd though. We’ll go outside and see he’s playing with something and we’re like ‘hey what’s in your mouth Snow?’ And it’s literally an entire snake. He found a snake and started swinging it around like a toy. Another time he wanted to play with this big rat so he rolled over it, like, trying to wrestle with it I guess. But he’s so big he squashed it. Idk he’s a wild dog he wants to play with everything and anything

@coralscanvas OMG THANK YOUUU. Oral is probably my favorite thing to write, but it’s just so difficult to write. I’m glad you enjoyed it though ❤

@gabb-yeet Omg so I’ve literally scoured pinterest for any and all founders trio pics but I’ve honestly never seen that bottom left one before I love it (sorry I cut it off here lmao)