under the cut just in case 

Hashirama has like 0 yandere in him. If I’m going to reach, I’d say the extent to which he loves someone can be a little overwhelming at times, but there are no negative or potentially unhealthy repercussions to that. So nah not really any yandere there. He’s an angel

Madara definitely has some yandere in him. If he’s into someone, the lengths he’ll go to in order to convey his feelings are rather extreme. But that’s not always the case. Relationships with Madara can be rather complacent and drama-free given the right circumstances. But otherwise, yes, he’s possessive and he’s covetous, and his violent tendencies will arise if it goes that far. Mostly though, I’d say he just becomes so infatuated with someone that he’s basically just… ridiculously intent on keeping them safe and he can be unabashedly possessive 

Tobirama has some yandere in him? Not necessarily the violence or the unnatural obsession, but rather, the possessiveness. ‘Protectiveness’ would probably be a better way to put it, but Tobirama is so intense and unyielding that it seems like a step above being protective sometimes. With a s/o especially, or someone he deeply cares about, he feels like being controlling is the only way to make sure they’re safe. He just needs to keep tabs on you and he can’t stand the thought of not having a say in what you do, because he thinks he knows what’s best for you. So yeah, he can be intense, but he also knows when he needs to step back and calm down, especially if he sees he’s making his s/o uncomfortable or intimidating them

Kakashi: hmmm nah. His affection doesn’t get that intense. He’s not possessive or manipulative, would never get violent with a s/o. And he doesn’t have that “fake” facade that sometimes comes along with being yandere. As in, he’s not overly kind with a s/o just to reel them in. Kakashi is Kakashi. You get what you get. He doesn’t hide anything. He puts himself out there for the whole world to see

Gai I don’t think has any yandere tendencies. He can be overly exuberant of course, but that’s just how he is. He doesn’t change in private. He’s always very enthusiastic. There’s really no facade there. And as for the violence and all the controlling/obsessive factors, none there either. The only obsessed he is is obsessed with reinstating the fact that Kakashi is his life long rival sooo