•This is Kakashi with any type of s/o really, but he’s more about showing affection in private. Not a public type of guy. He wouldn’t want to treat his s/o any differently just because of their size

•Kakashi isn’t huge on cuddling, but he does find it’s relaxing to lie down on their lap when they’re both sitting on the couch

•Confidence is big for Kakashi. He’d love a s/o who loved themselves. He wants to see them walk around and be confident and comfortable and know that with him, they don’t have anything to worry about

•If they’re ever insecure about their size though, Kakashi doesn’t automatically go in to reassure them. In Kakashi’s mind, bringing it up might make them feel worse. Unless they come to him seeking an opinion, all he really does is dote on them for a while. Not to the point where it’s obvious that he’s only doing it to make them feel better, but he does make an effort

•Just little things, like bringing them a flower every day he comes home. It can be a shitty, wilted flower tbh. Just something he grabs randomly on the side of the road. But it’s still something, ya know? Just little things he thinks might cheer them up if they’re feeling down. Kakashi isn’t always the best with words when it comes to reassuring a s/o, no matter what their concern is. So his actions will make up for it