just an update for you guys since I know I’ve been pretty inactive:

I have about 10-15 headcanon requests left, but still 3 scenarios to go. The box will probably be open sometime in the next few weeks. But I’ll probably accept headcanons only, since I doubt I’ll have all the scenarios done by then. Sorry about that. Y’all know how I am with scenarios

I’ll also be opening up commissions if anyone is interested. I won’t be accepting too many though. I don’t imagine I’ll get a wave of people who want a commission anyway, so hopefully there won’t be too much chaos there trying to fill and organize commission slots. I’ll be putting out the regular scenarios before I get to those commissions though, so the date for commissions is still tba

otherwise yeah, I’m sorry I’m inactive. There’s a lot going on rn with doctor’s appointments and therapist appointments (I finally got one yayy) and school is just a mess. Life is hard. But I’m still trying to update as much as possible even though I know it’s only like, one or two posts every few days. My bad. I’m really trying. Hopefully I can get back on track soon. Thanks to those of you who have been patient and kind and sending me nice messages ❤ love you