Itachi Uchiha

•Quite frankly, Itachi is an awful texter. He will ignore the shit out of you without  meaning to. He either forgets to press send or reads and forgets to reply

•Sometimes that’s more likely with a person he doesn’t really want to talk to. If he wants to talk to you, you’re guaranteed a reply, though it might delayed. For example, he’s the type who will continue a conversation from two nights before and act like it was nothing. He’ll give a little ‘Sorry, I was busy’ to compensate but still, come on Itachi. Two days? 48 hours? The conversation is already dead my dude 

•No emojis. He probably doesn’t even know how to use them. He can go for a (: every once in a while but it’s just kind of weird. He texts like an old man

•Also be aware that Itachi has his read receipts on. So it’s all the worse if you send something and he doesn’t reply, because you can clearly see he’s read the damn thing

•Has a tendency to mute groupchats because the notifications drive him crazy

”Lol” Ok” “K” type of dude. I hate him 

•He also tends to reply at odd hours. Like 2 am or earllllly in the morning. You get a response from him at like 6 am and you’re like??? Who wakes up this early Itachi??

•Will not double text at all. So if you like… try to pull that ‘I’ll read and not reply to see if Itachi double texts me, that way I know he really wants to talk to me’ you’re not gonna get that double text lmao. Even if he really wants to talk to you. Even if you’re his s/o and he’s just asked you like… the most important question in the world. He’s just not gonna do it. It’s less of him being stubborn and more of him not wanting to bother you. If you can’t text him back, he assumes you’re busy. He’s patient and will wait so he’s not pestering you. What an oblivious angel