Going for adult Toshiro in this one okie

Toshiro Hitsugaya

•Honestly it depends on his mood, but Toshiro is rather committed to his work, so she should anticipate him blowing her off, maybe even snapping at her because she’s being annoying 

•If he’s not in a particularly irate mood, and he allows her advances, he’s still going to put up a fight. He’ll shoo her away every so often, and grumble under his breath when she gets all touchy-feely

•What she’ll probably have to do is just get between his legs somehow. Just maneuver yourself down there. Get between the taichou’s legs and step one is done, you almost have a clear path to the dick 

•She should try dirty talking him (dirty talking to Hitsugaya is pretty much anything said in even a slight sultry voice, so it’s not that hard) She should tell him he needs to relax, and take a break, and let her help him. All that corny, cliche stuff. But hey, it works for him

•After a little bout of futile arguing, he might agree to let her give him the succ. Well he won’t agree, but his opposition will gradually stave off. The grumbling under his breath turns to silence, then promptly, small sighs and heavy breaths when she’s actually in his pants stroking and fondling him

•Definitely forgets about his work all together when she starts sucking him though. There’s no way he can concentrate. No matter how hard he tries to focus, he can’t with that amazing mouth working him