These are just jumbled up in a bunch of headcanons not particularly to each character but this is great. This is great ily thank you for this request. I have waited for this day. This has been sitting in my box for weeeeeks 

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Game of Thrones AU

•I’m gonna say it right now but I’ll put Hashi on the Iron Throne. There was probably some big war and the Senju and Uchiha came out as top contenders but in the end, after their fathers died, Hashirama and Madara found more congenial relations and Hashirama ended up on the throne without much fighting involved

•That, or I’d place Madara and Hashirama as two separate kings. Kind of how they let Dorne keep a royal family? Regardless, Madara could rule over his own portion of the kingdom, and he’s equally as feared and respected as much as anyone sitting on the Iron Throne

•Otherwise, if we’re going with the first option (which I’ll just stick with tbh, bc the other option seems like it would lead to nothing but war and tension between the Senju and Uchiha and that’s not what I want to focus on) Madara could serve as Kingsguard. Or Hand of The King? 

•Tobirama probably fits better as Hand of The King, however, Hashirama wanted the position to go to Madara. Tobirama didn’t really care what position he held, as long as he could keep tabs on everything. Hashirama convinced him to settle as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. (Can you imagine Tobirama in the Kingsguard outfit with that flowing cape wow so saucy) 

•Tobirama doesn’t really like the job, because Hashirama is unruly, so how can he guard the King when the King doesn’t want to be guarded? Tobirama is basically a second Hand of the King tbh. He doesn’t trust Madara to give sage advice to Hashirama. He’s half convinced Madara is trying to take over the Iron Throne 80% of the time anyway

•Tobirama is restless though. He also appoints himself as literally every member of the small council. He’s Master of Coin, Master of Ships, Master of Laws, master of everything. I mean, there will be people appointed to the council with those titles, but Tobirama is gonna be running all of it behind the scenes. Because he’s too paranoid that someone’s going to fuck up. 

•Tobirama is very well known throughout the kingdom as being the swiftest and most agile swordsman there is. Hashirama didn’t knight him just because they were brothers; Tobirama earned the title. But he’s a dirty fighter tbh. He picks up on a lot of different fighting styles but he likes the “dirty sellsword” way of fighting the most. Don’t try to duel Tobirama. He’s a knight but he doesn’t fight like one if he doesn’t have to

•Tobirama is always annoyed with Hashirama. As Kingsguard, and brother to the King, his biggest job is basically babysitting Hashirama. Hashirama is the most powerful man in the kingdom, and whenever you come to see him in court, you’re probably terrified, because all you hear about is how powerful and legendary Hashirama is, both in political regard and in battle, but then you get there and it’s just this giant dork sitting on the Iron Throne greeting everyone who comes in with a “Good morning! I hope you had safe travel here! How are you?!” and everyone is… confused. No one expects a king to be this kind and exuberant. It’s almost unbecoming. Half the time, Tobirama is like “my god. just move over. let me sit down and handle this brother”

•Hashirama sleeps in every day. Is always late to council meetings. Always somewhere down in the city streets visiting the common people. You can find him in an alley with kids braiding his long hair while he tells them stories and plays with them. He also forgets to tell his Kingsguard to come with him (he sneaks away tbh) and Tobirama loses his god damn mind every time he hears that Hashirama is missing and philandering around in the city

•Hashirama is just too trusting and naive. Tobirama and Madara tell him this all the time, but Hashirama thinks he doesn’t have anything to worry about. One time though, he almost drank a horn of wine that ended up being poisoned. Hashirama gets all sad. He’s like ): why is someone trying to assassinate me? Because he’s seriously the best king anyone could ask for, the people love him. Who would want to assassinate him?

•Hashirama doesn’t have a particular weapon he uses in battle. That’s what makes him so crazy skilled. When he’s fighting he can pick up anything and use it. Broken shield? He’ll use it. Handle of a broken sword? He’ll use it. A STICK? (wood hehe) he’ll use it. He’s deadly. He’s just a good fighter. Which sets him aside from lots of kings who don’t have the battle skill to back up their reign. He will fuck you up with no hesitation 

•Hashirama is drunk 20% of the time though. It’s so funny. He’s not an alcoholic or anything, and he’s not so careless that he would constantly drink during the day, but if he’s at a feast, and he’s around wine, he’s a mess. He’s always trying to drag Madara or Tobirama to sit down and drink the night away with him. And if they refuse, Hashirama will literally just grab any one of the castle servants and force them to have a drink with him. Madara and Tobirama start plotting to hide the wine tbh 

•Most people would be intimidated by the King, but everyone knows it’s the Hand of the King you have to watch out for. Madara is extremely unapproachable, and notoriously ruthless when it comes to handling diplomacy. You come to court asking for a loan because you’ve had a bad crop this year, and worry that your family will starve? Hashirama will offer you as much money as you need. Madara will tell you to either find other profit on your farm, or go ahead and starve. He’s rarely generous when he’s in a bad mood, and nowhere near as generous as Hashirama

•His falconry comes to use in this AU. #1 dude to go to when you want your messages carried across the kingdom, because he doesn’t let ravens do it. His falcons get shit done fast. Also, they’re very good for intercepting messages. During wartime especially, Madara would train his falcons to go out and catch any nearby ravens to hinder them from spreading messages. That way he knew everything about the enemy and their movements

•Also, just imagine Madara having a favorite falcon. He has a little (big?) pet falcon. Kinda cute

•Madara is a pompous asshole of course, so when even more pompous, macho assholes come to challenge knights down in King’s Landing, their first pick is Madara. And he’s merciless. Madara is kinda like Jaime Lannister. Probably has a cool name too. Not Kingslayer obviously, but I’m blanking on nicknames right now. Everyone knows how revered his fighting skills are. They know Madara is arrogant, so they want to challenge him every chance they get. No one ever wins, of course. It’s almost unfair. He’s rarely allowed to participate in tourneys either (he considers it stupid anyway. Who wants to parade around on horses and joust? It’s boring) He probably ends up killing all of his opponents. Sometimes on accident. Sometimes not

•He fights with long knives rather than a sword, though he’s just as deadly with a sword

•Madara and Tobirama make for an awful duo when it comes to helping Hashirama make decisions. There could be a traitor who committed an unforgivable, awful crime, and Hashirama is forced to decide their fate. Madara is immediately like “Have them beheaded.” Tobirama is less ruthless, but still a dick: “Throw them into a cell until they confess, then strip them of all lands and titles. Make certain their house is tarnished, then send them to the Night’s Watch.” Hashirama’s like “I mean… if they just apologize it’ll be alright.“

•He promptly gets scolded by both of them, so Hashirama settles for just sending them to the Night’s Watch. The Watch always has a plethora of new recruits because Hashirama refuses to execute anyone, and is always sending criminals to the Wall

•Another position I can see Tobirama having is Grand Maester. But it takes a lot to be a Maester, so Tobirama might not want to endure the trials and tribulations. So even if he’s not a Maester, he’s the dude always experimenting and coming up with potions and all that shit. Tobirama is an inventor, after all

•Madara is well-versed in multiple tongues across Westeros and Essos. He’s probably traveled across the Narrow Sea before on more than one occasion

•Tobirama is also rather cultured. He’s more of a book and medicine man than a cultural man though. He spent lots of time at the Citadel when he was younger

•Without intertwining GoT and Naruto too much, obviously, the Uchiha are probably the closest thing you’ll get to Targaryens. Dragons and fire and all that. Madara being the last dragon? So cool. Their ancestors probably had dragons (the GoT version of Susanoo tbh)  

•To counteract that, the Senju could uhhhhh maybe be descendants of some sort of like…??? I honestly have no idea. All I’d say is that they have strong ties to the Old Gods of the Forest. Ancient magic and what not. It would be interesting if they worshipped the Old Gods too. Hashirama has such a beautiful godswood he loves it

•The Uchiha sigil could be like uhhhh. A heart on fire. I know that’s already a banner in GoT but ignore it okay. Just something on fire

•The Senju probably have a tree. Something with trees? A thousand hands (you can’t knit a thousand hands on a tapestry I know but it looks like a thousand hands okay) reaching for a tree? Senju=1000 hands okay hands something like that?? I’m not creative idk