lots of em


yes exactlyyyy. like i fucking love Tobirama but I’m not gonna sit here and pretend a relationship with him would be perfect or anything close to it. And that workaholic factor is probably enough to drive anyone away off the bat, even without those other flaws. No one wants to feel like they’re chopped liver??? Yeah same tho I love analyzing I get wayyyy too deep

Thank you!!!!!! And no need to be nervous fam. I just suck at replying fast I’m sorry ): and as for hoeing lol, let’s see. I guess it just means, you like dirty stuff. In this case, nsfw imagines, maybe? And you’re proud of it. Not afraid to hide it

I have notttt. I’m really bad at keeping up with movies ): heard it was good though

Honestly he’s always reminded me of some sort of animal but you’re very right I can see this clearly

Hmmmmm CEO of a company? Or just the head of a company. Maybe co-CEO (I doubt that’s a thing) with Asura. Could present drama when they have to fight for the top position though. We already know how that went in the anime (((:

Yes of course! Anything on Patreon you can request different characters monthly. Doesn’t have to be the same character every time

Hmmmmm I feel like he’d have a pointy nose? Not too pointy, but a straight nose. I try to imagine Naruto characters with Asian features, but sometimes it’s difficult? Neji might have some strong asian features. I can see it in the eyes and the shape of his face. This makes no sense sorry lmao. I would scour the internet for a Neji look-alike but that takes a lot of time, my bad

Yeah I can definitely see Sasuke being less tense in an AU specifically. I mean, the Uchiha massacre really did a number on him, obviously. In a setting where that never happened, sure, some troubles may have come about with his inferiority problems as a result of Itachi, but still, he wouldn’t have been as bad. And the same for Naruto. It’s all a product of their experiences and what obstacles they’ve faced. It makes sense

ONE OF MY FAV FIGHTS IT’S LITTTT AHHHH I gotta rewatch it sometime fuck

Honestly I’ve watched a few here and there but if you ever want to request something from filler you gotta at least give me an idea of what episodes they’re from so I can watch them a little. Otherwise, actually going in and trying to find certain episodes is a hassle. I’m just really not into filler. If I try to watch it, and it doesn’t have characters I really like, I can’t pay attention. I know I watched all of the Itachi filler and I think the Kakashi one, and some Jiraiya too. Otherwise, I can’t remember

I don’t think I’ve ever had blatant anon hate, but I do get the occasional snippy message. Sometimes I answer them, sometimes I don’t. I did have someone try to tell me a few weeks ago that I shouldn’t be demanding money from people for commissions and implying I was being greedy or something like that. They said they “didn’t mean any harm” but yeah, it kinda stings to get messages like that. I get lots of those “I don’t mean to be rude” sort of deals all the time but I never answer because they’re obviously being rude lmao. I just don’t like putting them on the blog. Other than that, the occasional impatient anon does annoy me a little but it’s whatever. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to deal with too much trouble on the blog