I really don’t have an extensive knowledge on brands and fashion and stuff but I can try 

Itachi: Some H&M stuff probably. Or literally anything. Like he can go thrift shopping and pick out clothes he doesn’t really care. Does like monochromatic, basic clothes though

Kisame: Also basic. Will get his stuff from anywhere. He goes for the simple look too. No logos or print on his clothes. He does like to be fancy sometimes, and will delve into Gucci shit

Konan: Forever 21. She’s gotta have it. Also a slut for Hot Topic or Spencer’s ofc. She’d definitely use Polyvore though

Nagato: Hmmmm he gives me the Levi’s look. Lots of jeans shit. Idk

Hidan: Literally anything. Tbh just that fur jacket he wears in the anime. Just throws that shit on top of everything. His entire closet is that jacket with the same white t shirt, he has like 10 of the same white t shirt

Kakuzu: Anything that’s big enough to fit him tbh? He doesn’t look at the brand when he shops. Won’t go for expensive brands either. Occasionally he pushes it with like, Hugo Boss or something. Otherwise, whatever looks decent

Deidara: The Adidas addict

Sasori: Something like J Crew?

Obito: He goes from nice Ralph to bummy clothes real fast. Bummy as in, will get dressed in the dark and pick out an outfit that looks like it could be aesthetic but it’s really not. It just depends on his mood