•He’s rather hesitant to get rough with a s/o in bed. He doesn’t completely trust himself not to get a lil too wild. Nevertheless, he’ll agree, with some persuasion

•You could still tell he was hesitant though. His s/o would need to guide his movements at first, taking his hands and placing them on her hips, maybe even around her neck (if she’s into that nice choking shit) and really persuade him. He’d feel better with a safe word tbh, or at least, he’d make her promise to tell him if he was hurting her

•His first gamble will be pulling on her hair while he was thrusting into her. Jugo would definitely come to like hair pulling

•He isn’t a fan of doggy style or generally, positions that are too dominating, but he’d go for doggy style if she wanted it rough. He’s got some strong, powerful thrusts, so the skin slapping is gonna be wild. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was sore the next day. Guaranteed, actually

•Spanking isn’t completely out of the picture but he has to be careful. One or two slaps every so often is going to be his limit. And he doesn’t spank hard either. She would get some nice, firm ass grabs though

•Jugo is usually quiet when having sex, but when he’s riled up and going at it, you’d get “yes” and “shit” and “damn” out of him every once in a while. He either growls it out or mutters it under his breath when he’s really concentrated

•What I see happening is Jugo just going all out when he’s about to come. Hard thrusts, gripping her hips hard, sweating, panting, choking out a moan, and then coming hard. He’s exhausted afterward. He didn’t realize how much rough sex invigorated him

•Right afterward though, he apologizes to her, asks if she’s alright and if he hurt her. Hopefully not, because he wouldn’t mind going for rough sex again… not all the time though. It exhausts him. And he knows he lost a control a little bit at the end there, and doesn’t want to push his limits