•Kakashi’s idea of indulging a day off is just lying in a tree somewhere and reading. The idea might not be as appealing to his s/o though. So if they’re not up for lounging around on a branch all day then Kakashi will give in and hop down

•They just shouldn’t expect him to want to do anything particularly engaging. It’s his day off. Don’t make him do work. He’s lazy. Let the man chill out and sleep

•Oh yes. Naps. Definitely a day off activity he could go for. Especially with a s/o. Nice to just lie down together on the couch and sleep. Their head on his chest. His head on their chest. Literally anywhere at anytime in any way. He just wants to relax

•Idk I also feel like it would be fun to just sit on one of the Konoha rooftops and watch the village all day. Bring some snacks with them. Watch the sunset and watch the stars. Kakashi might like that

•If it’s been a particularly long time since they’ve had an official ‘date’ (Kakashi is hesitant to call them ‘dates’. “Just hanging out with a cool person I like” is synonymous for date) then he’ll take them out to a nice dinner on his night off