This is good shit

•Tobirama tries to get the project done because that’s just the type of guy he is. That annoying guy that takes on all the responsibility in a project (though that’s sometimes a blessing, right?) because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job right. But Madara probably tells him something like “You’re doing it wrong” and Tobirama immediately loses his focus because he wants to jump over the table and strangle Madara. How dare an Uchiha speak to him without permission???

•They just make snippy little comments to each other the entire time like “Maybe you should let me try” “That is exactly what I told you to do in the first place” or “If you want us to fail then fine, do it your way” 

•At some point the girl is just going to be like…… okay I might as well do something. Because with all the arguing Madara and Tobirama are doing, nothing is getting done. When she first intervenes and says “Fine, I’ll just do it myself” the boys want to protest, because that’s the chivalrous thing to do, right? But neither of them speak up because she looks so focused and she had a little attitude in her voice neither of them expected so they’re kinda like “damn ok”

•She probably started a groupchat for the project but she gets pissed because Madara and Tobirama refuse to actually text in it. They prefer to text her separately. They’re such babies. They don’t even text each other. If Tobirama thinks Madara should work on a certain part of the project, he’ll tell her “Tell Madara he has to do this part” and she’s like “Why don’t you tell him yourself?”. And Tobirama is like…. fine

•Which doesn’t go well. Tobirama and Madara would probably just ignore each other’s text messages. Madara sees ‘Tobirama Senju’ pop up on his phone and he’s like ew ignore. NO WAIT. I bet they don’t even have each other’s numbers saved. That’s too much of a courtesy. They always get that “Who is this” text if one tries to text the other

•Honestly I don’t even know where to go with this but let’s say in the end they get their shit together and actually work as a team. Tobirama and Madara can be civil if they really try (Madara tends to try and ignore him, while Tobirama can’t help but let the spite seep out, but he tries) and yay project is done good riddance. This girl had a constant migraine this entire project, poor thing