Sorry for my inactivity! I’m at a beach house with friends for spring break and I’ve been pretty busy


•Kinks hm let’s seee. Spanking is one

•Mild bdsm

•Light asphyxiation

•Clothed sex

•Getting his fingers sucked is a turn on tbh

•When his partner is submissive and obeys. Partners who try to get all ballsy just irritate him. You do what he wants when he wants it. Don’t go off course. Not how it works with with Mayuri

•He doesn’t have a particular preference when it comes to physical traits. He doesn’t really have an “attractive’ or “unattractive” scale to go by

•He is a little obsessed with fingers though. He thinks nice fingers are just the pinnacle of someone’s appeal


•Body worship is one of his biggest kinks. Giving or receiving 

•Sweet talk. Not really dirty talk. But cute things like “Jushiro you feel good!”. Nothing too vulgar

•Foot kink tbh

•Bath sex

•Pretty hair is a turn on. Loves nice hair. Silky, long hair

•A partner who makes noise. Not a screamer, per se. But a vocal partner who isn’t afraid to give him feedback. Hugeeee turn on

•Confidence and enthusiasm

•Nice legs

•Good kissers