LOL HmmMmMmmm I’d say he’s more of a moderate? Just based on things he’d be for and against

He’s a little too focused on military and national interest, but he’s also diligent on keeping international diplomacy so it’s not easy to say. Very big on the ‘I will do anything to protect the country’ too so like… privacy and government regulation is high and necessary in his mind

As for LGBT+ rights, I don’t see tobirama really ‘caring’ about it? Not in a negative way, just a ‘be gay or don’t be gay. I don’t care. Just don’t threaten our nation and you’re fine in my eyes. just do you’ type of deal

Believes in climate change btw and would probably be a rather big advocate for environmental protection. Really big on environmental preservation actually

Kind of eh when it comes to supporting the needy or homeless or unemployed. A very “work hard and you can get there” attitude. Though he would be the type to donate to charities and what not, but low key. and he’s probably selective about it

OH and abortion. He probably wouldn’t have a big opinion. He’s pro choice but he wouldn’t put it that way, I guess. He’s probably against getting abortions just to get them, but he knows sometimes it’s necessary for the health of the mother and baby so he gets that. Hence, he’s pro choice

Don’t get me started on immigration. I’m p sure he’d have some conservative opinions tbh but I could be wrong

He’s really just a mix. You’d probably find him arguing against most republicans and their views while at the same time adopting most of their economic and social policies. But he does agree with some liberal social policies. You could argue he’s more conservative though

Why do I always make these so long idk. Tobirama would probably be a moderate right-leaning dude 


I honestly do think it was his pragmatism that led to the idea. I don’t think they ever state it in the story, they just make it clear that it was meant to be used on dead shinobi so they could be used for Tobirama’s paper bomb shit. Tobirama probably did realize that utilizing dead shinobi was practical 


AHHHH. I’m slowlllly working on it. I just really don’t like the way it’s turning out and don’t want to disappointed you guys )))): i’m sorry


It’s not that he wouldn’t like his daughter, I just think he’d bond easier with a boy. Madara would be hesitant to train a daughter. He’d sooner train a son and teach him how to one day lead the Uchiha clan. In terms of regular Naruto verse, at least. Other AUs, it would probably be easier for Madara to bond with his daughter. Doesn’t mean he won’t love her, he’s just not entirely focused on her, if that makes sense