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Tobirama is a sucker for getting a good ride. Won’t let his s/o do it often. But when they do, they’ve gotta ride him hard and make it memorable. I can totally see his s/o just riding away after he’s had a long, hard day. He comes home from a tiresome day at court, frustrated with a particular case. They coax him onto the couch and fumble with his belt, shove his pants down just enough to pull that thick dick out, and then ride like the wind. 

He may put up a fight at first, complaining about how he’s “tired” and “not in the mood” but bruh once they’re riding that dick good and fast he can’t complain. They gotta grab his tie and pull on it too. He’s gonna be gripping their hips hard and his own hips rut up into them after he can’t hold it anymore. Tobirama comes hard when his s/o is riding him. It’s so nice. He’s a sweating, groaning mess