•It depends on the holiday, but Seven prefers just chilling at home rather than making huge plans to go anywhere. Not the traveling type

•Might convince everyone to throw a holiday party though. Not a big RFA party, just a little private party for the gang. And you know that’s a damn mess. Seven can’t plan these things at all. Just drops a date in the RFA chat and everyone is like??? He’s just “Be there or be square”. With a square emoji and all

•Holidays are his vacation days so it’s just lots of lounging around, maybe playing some games, catching up on tv

•However, he can be a bit of a workaholic. His s/o would have to force him to take a break on holidays, even if he was busy. Once he’s in the work mindset, there’s very little that’s going to get him out of it. His s/o has to realllly really coax him

•As a Catholic, Easter is probably big for Seven. He’ll throw a little easter egg hunt in his house for his s/o and make them wear bunny ears. It’s super cute. He loves Easter


•At some point, he’s gonna have to take his s/o home to his family. Hopefully one day when he’s made amends. Zen would be very excited but very nervous. Similarly, he’d want to meet his s/o’s parents, so spending the holidays at their parent’s house is also foreseeable. Family visits are big for Zen on holidays

•Really big on decorations too? Even if he doesn’t have time to buy a shit load of decorations, a little Christmas tree in the corner of the room or a wreath is fine. He just likes decorating

•He’s totally invested on gifts around Christmas time. If he doesn’t get his s/o a gift, he hates himself. He feels guilty. Even if they don’t get him a gift in return, he doesn’t really care. He’ll pout about it just to joke, but really, he doesn’t care. Seeing how excited they are to open their gifts is the only thing that matters to him

•That being said, he’s not a huge fan of the cold, and wants to stay inside during the winter months. He’s afraid he’ll catch a cold. Just snuggling up on the couch with some hot cocoa. That’s what he likes

•But the summer holidays woooo you know he’s gonna want to hit the pool or the beach. Nothing like seeing that bod in swim trunks either. Yum


•Any holiday where he can gift his s/o something is his favorite. Christmas, Valentine’s, etc. 

•And you know he makes huge travel plans whenever possible. Takes off of work so he has as much time with his s/o as possible. In the winter months, I see him renting out a cabin in the woods somewhere. Super cute and super cozy. Snow falling outside, just him and his s/o snuggling up on the couch next to a big fire. So nice

•Otherwise, before he gets a s/o, holidays just don’t mean much to him at all. It’s so crazy how having a s/o changes his perspective on these things. Before a s/o, holidays were actually a bit tedious to him. Just an opportunity for people to waste money (especially his dad on whoever his girlfriend was at the time. Jumin hated going on holiday dinners with his dad and his current squeeze)

•Although, someone once convinced Jumin that sporting a little holiday gear would brighten the spirits of the employees around the Han office, and he wore a Santa hat that day. Jaehee still has the pictures