Some Kise headcanons for one of my patreons! They gave me permission to post the headcanons on my blog so here we are:

Kise Ryouta with a male s/o

•SO Kise needs to be treated by his s/o at all times. When in a relationship with a girl, Kise kind of feels the need to go all out with the ‘gentleman’ endeavors and try to impress her. With a male s/o, he’ll still definitely want to impress the dude, but he’s more likely to look for a male s/o who will cater to him and treat him so he can relax, and not have to keep up appearances all the time

•For example, Kise wants his s/o to come and cuddle him rather than making the first move on his own. So in a sense, he needs an assertive and confident male s/o. He’d really enjoy that

•Kise doesn’t mind if his man isn’t huge on PDA, but he would appreciate it if he was open with private affection

•Kise of course appreciates it when his s/o comes to watch his basketball games. It’s always nice looking into the stands and seeing his boyfriend. Then again, it can make him a little nervous. Kise is pretty confident in his skills, but he feels extra embarrassed when he messes up knowing that his s/o is in the stands watching

•His s/o needs to celebrate and congratulate him after good games, or be there to comfort him after bad games

•If his s/o is cool with it, Kise would also invite him to photoshoots when he was modeling. It boosts Kise’s ego/confidence and always makes him more enthusiastic. Plus, having his s/o there for support is always nice. Sometimes photoshoots get exhausting, and his s/o serves as his own little energy-booster

•Kise has a great metabolism, but he does need to work out outside of basketball practice. He’d love it if his s/o worked out with him

•This might just be me, but I feel like Kise would love a boyfriend who’s stronger than him and generally, had a bigger physique. Kise likes feeling like the ‘little guy’ in the relationship. He loves a big strong man

•Also means he’s THE LITTLE SPOON

•Kise realllly loves wearing his boyfriend’s clothes. Any clothes that Kise’s boyfriend leaves at his house will quickly become his pajamas. He might even wear them to school

•I don’t see Kise being very big on video games, but if his s/o was into games, Kise could dig it. I can just see his s/o inviting Kise over on a weekend and pulling out his fav game to show Kise. At first, he’ll just watch his boyfriend play. But at some point, he’s gonna ask for the extra controller. He’s competitive, and you now he picks up skills fast, so he’s dying to play against or with his boyfriend

•Kise’s boyfriend is alwayssss in his snapchat stories. Kise is constantly taking pictures of/with his boyfriend

•Kise is a sucker for his s/o picking dates. He can’t stand a boyfriend who tells him “We can just do whatever you want.” No!!!! Kise wants his boyfriend to MAKE PLANS!!! It’s more special that way

•Kise thinks movie dates are boring. He’d prefer a movie marathon at his house or his boyfriend’s

•Kise won’t kiss his boyfriend in public, because he knows some people might give them looks. But he does hold his hand discreetly when people aren’t looking. He can also be a little shit and pinch their ass too. Kise loves having his ass pinched in return btw

•ALSO. Kise doesn’t particularly like shopping, but he does have to dress to impress. It would be much easier to endure long shopping trips if his s/o came with him. Shopping trips are fun. Kise gives his boyfriend his own little private runway show and they can also fool around a little in the changing rooms (((: