Mikoto Uchiha

•She’s naturally inclined to be understanding and empathetic toward a s/o, no matter the circumstance. She’s just compassionate that way. But that doesn’t mean she’s docile or idle, either

•She can be strict when the time comes. Arguments in the relationship won’t come often, but they will occur if she firmly believes her s/o is wrong about something, and she wants to tell her side of the story

•Mikoto isn’t big on dates. At the beginning of the relationship, or rather, pre-relationship, when her and her s/o are just learning their feelings for each other and trying to establish a bond, that’s when she’d enjoy dates. It doesn’t even have to be a sit-down date either. She likes walking around Konoha and exploring little shops and stands

•Very good cook, but enjoys it when her s/o cooks with her. Even if he’s an awful cook, she thinks it’s fun to teach him

•Don’t even go near her when she’s in one of her cleaning moods. Her s/o either has to leave the house and stay far away, or suffer through helping her clean. And if he tries to sneak out and Mikoto sees him, that’s it. ‘Get back here and help me clean right now I know what you’re doing. Don’t even think about it’. Pretty much one of the only times she comes close to losing her temper

•She’s a sucker for traditional romance. If she’s had a long and exhausting day, she’ll melt when he brings home some flowers for her. She gets this huge smile and kisses him on the cheek 


•Tbh, Mikoto’s sex life and preferences aren’t that wild. She probably just acclimates to what her s/o likes. However, she’s really not a fan of rough sex or anything close to it. She feels like it takes away from the pleasure, at least for her

•She does really like riding him though. She can control the pace, and gets a little frisky if she’s in the mood. Plus, she orgasms faster when she’s grinding on his dick rather than moving up and down, so cowgirl or reverse cowgirl is optimal for that

•Loves receiving oral, but he can’t eat her out all the time. It has to be a once a week or once every few weeks sort of thing, so it builds up. That way when he does go down on her, her orgasm is strong

•Not a huge fan of fingering. Prefers getting her clit rubbed if her s/o is going to use his hands