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Kakashi Hatake

•Kakashi’s not going to go for a big proposal tbh. It’s just not him. It will also take him a longgggg time. A relationship with Kakashi gets tiresome after a while if you’re expecting a proposal. It probably won’t happen until years down the line, and you’ll have to hint at it first

•It’s going to be unexpected though. He wants to make sure his s/o hasn’t the faintest idea. He hopes it compensates for the fact that he’s not going to make it a big proposal 

•He just kinda comes out with it, but he’s a little nervous, so he’s hesitant and can’t exactly form a smooth proposal. “So, _____… I know it’s overdue but uh… do you want to get married? Maybe?”

•As for wedding plans, honestly, he leaves most of it to his s/o. Kakashi is the worst person ever to rely on when it comes to seeking input on wedding plans. What kind of flowers? He doesn’t care. What kind of food? Doesn’t care. The date? Doesn’t care. “Soon, but not too soon,” he’d probably say

•It’s when his s/o chastises him and tells him that he needs to get his shit together that he’ll quit the lackadaisical attitude and try to have an input. The only condition he’ll really have on the wedding is that they keep the guest list short. Having a big wedding just doesn’t sound appealing to him. Too crowded. Too chaotic

•He’s also not looking to spend a lot of money, so he’ll be super cheap if his s/o leaves the budgeting to him. Which kinda sucks. It’s best that his s/o make most of the decisions tbh