nope the box isn’t open but I have something like this here 

LOL dude this is so perfect Tobirama would fit so well he’d be so annoyed with everyone and everything

YES VERY HAPPY!!!!! 11!!!! Be careful though because lots of things people submit to me end up not coming through, especially if they’re pics. You might want to send it twice!

Hmmmm I feel like I should just in case people start requesting characters from the anime, but I honestly don’t really have any interest in it. I’m not like ANTI NARUTO ENDING1!!!!!! or anything, I just don’t really want to watch it? I might watch some parts though, since I like seeing the original characters all grown up

LOLLLL madara would look longer than he probably should with no remorse, but then he’d look away once he got his fill. Hashirama also looks longer than he should, only because he’s a little taken by surprise, but he looks away quickly, feeling flustered and guilty

thank you!!!! and yes I am ready (((: lawyer Tobirama is my fav

edit just bc i’m lazy and don’t want to make a whole other post sorry this is long:


right here!


sorrrry man. Can’t do that. You gotta wait until the box actually opens. Shouldn’t be too long, just a few weeks!