ooooo nice


•What a fun sensei. That’s all I can say

•He gets really close with his students, almost too close. Not really a bad thing, but I think I’ve mentioned in some other headcanons before that Hashi is the type to invite his students over to his home for dinner every once in a while. He enjoys bonding with them outside of a training setting

•Hashirama has a big problem with leniency though. His students can persuade him into doing anything if they try hard enough. Just flash him with those eager, pleading little eyes, and he’ll give in and let them have a free day from training

•That being said, Hashirama also has his days where he strictly follows training guidelines. Something I find interesting though, is that Hashirama teaching basic jutsu might not work well? A large majority of his jutsu are large-scale and destructive, so he can’t really show them any super cool jutsu he has. He does like leaving his students in awe by impressing them with cool wood style every once in a while though. It’s their ‘treat’

•Very supportive and cordial. If one of them messes up he’s all “It’s okay!!! You tried!!! No big deal!!! I’m proud of you!”

•Hashi’s favorite training activity is his squad vs him. He thinks it’s fun. No idea why. The idea of all his students ganging up on him is apparently a nice way to pass the time. He’s fair and easy on them though, and makes sure to praise them afterward, even if they didn’t manage to land a single hit on him

•Treats them to sweets whenever they have a good training day (he thinks every day is a good training day tbh)

•Hashirama rarely gets frustrated or loses his temper with his students. Literally the only time he’ll ever correct them is if one of them happens to get arrogant and start looking down on the other students. Hashirama doesn’t like that at all. He’ll have to have a private talk with that student and tell them there’s no need to stoop that low. There will be no competitive-driven condescension in Hashirama’s squad. He wants everyone to be civil and peaceful


•They never really gave us an idea of how Tobirama was with his students and I love his team okay where is my filler arc for Team Tobirama

•I think Tobirama was a relatively decent sensei. As in, he wasn’t too hard on his students. He’s fair and lenient when the time calls for it, but also isn’t afraid to put his team through exacting training when he feels that they need it

•I really do think Tobirama would have a softer heart when it comes to teaching genin. They’re about the age he was when his father forced him and Hashirama into fighting, so Tobirama just keeps it in the back of his mind not to expect too much out of them, or pressure them to a fault

•In his free time, Tobirama doesn’t mind actually hanging around with them. He’d join them for a bowl of ramen every once in a while if they persisted

•Tobirama is easily frustrated by weakness though. Not necessarily physical weakness, as that sometimes can’t be helped, but someone who’s weak-minded. Someone who won’t try after they fail. It just upsets him. He doesn’t want his students giving up. That’s when he snaps and yells at them, when he’s trying to get them back on their feet and force them to keep practicing (someone needs to tell him that yelling and screaming isn’t going to get him anywhere)

•He’s competitive too. He wants his squad to be one of the best in Konoha, and that’s another reason why he pushes them so much. It’s not just for his pride though, he wants his team’s efforts to be recognized. He really does care about them, and wants the best for them

•I love headcanoning Tobirama’s team as being little shits though. Doesn’t really matter who his students are, I feel like they’d have a fun, almost teasing relationship with Tobirama at times. He can be such a grump, of course someone’s gotta cheer him up, even if it’s a bunch of little genin


•Madara is more lenient with his students than he is other children, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less strict. His patience wears thin rather easily if one of his team just doesn’t catch onto something

•At the same time, he knows when he’s being unfair. If one of his students is really struggling, Madara spends extra time helping them learn. He can be cordial if he tries. He’ll especially sympathize with a rather timid student who doesn’t believe in themselves. Hard as Madara may be, that resonates with him for some reason

•It’s the hothead students he can’t handle. If there’s a hothead on his squad then they better pray he doesn’t whoop their ass. They remind him of himself when he was a kid, which is why he resents them so much

•Well, not resents, but they have a love-hate relationship. He’s hardest on them out of all his squad. He tries to beat the arrogance and naivety out of them with harsh training. He’ll make them run laps and exhaust their chakra even after training hours are over and the others have gone home. Madara can be a real hardass

•Like Tobirama, Madara takes pride in his students and of course wants them to wipe away the competition whenever possible. He’s competitive with both the Senju brothers’ teams

•Madara tries really hard not to play favorites but he definitely does. It’s the obedient, skilled students that he really likes. Even if they’re not skilled, actually. As long as they listen to him and don’t brush off his advice, then he respects them