hello friends SO

I want to try something different this round since I won’t be accepting scenarios. BUT I’ll write scenario drafts? As in, it won’t be a full in depth scenario, but I can write the plot and framework. I do this a lot with my friend and I actually find I get much more creative when I don’t have to worry about technical writing. Plus, it’s just more enjoyable for me. I’ll post an example of a draft I have and let you guys see if I can find a good one. Since these are easier for me, I’ll accept a good amount, maybe 10? Even more if I feel like I can do it?

We can try it this round and see how it works out! These two scenarios I have left are just giving me a really really hard time right now. I think I need a little break. I’ll be opening commissions in the meantime as promised. I’ll make a post about that later!

box is opening SundayApril 2nd!

11 – 11:10 am

5 – 5:10 pm

10 – 10:10 pm

Central time! 

Please message me if you’re not sure about the time and you need help converting my time zone to yours. I’ll be deleting whatever requests come in when the box isn’t open

as always, check my rules and masterposts while you’re thinking about what you want to request. Lots of people send in requests I’ve already done, and it’s getting reallyyyy tedious to write more when I just can’t think of anything. So please make sure to look through the masterpost. I update it every two weeks or so