In a traditional setting, I assume you mean with traditional values and ideals and what not. The answer depends tbh. I don’t think Lee is that rigorous when it comes to pre-marital sex. If he and his partner are ready, and he really wants to get with them, then he’s gonna go for it! Get it Lee. 

At the same time, if Lee felt rushed by his partner, he would probably wait a longer time to have sex. Even if it takes a longggg ass time, long enough that they decide to get married already. In which case, that’s a situation he would probably wait until after marriage, simply because he felt that was the right time. Besides, first time wedding night sex with Lee would be so great. Also, if his partner really adhered to the ‘no sex before marriage’ tradition, he would be totally fine with it and respect it. Lee is patient and can wait

Otherwise, no, I don’t think he would inherently feel the need to wait until after marriage. Lee is fine to go whenever he and his partner are at that stage