•Anything with ass tbh. Anal. Spanking. Probably even eating ass. All of it

•Orgasm denial. On his partner, never on him. He gets pissed off. Don’t piss Phinks off, it’s not fun

•Hair pulling

•Experienced partners is one of his kinks? He thinks it’s annoying if he has to guide his partner through every little facet of sex, so someone with little experience, or even someone who’s shy and timid during sex, is just not appealing to Phinks. Experienced partners tend to be the wilder ones, and the ones more willing to let loose. And that’s what he likes

•Clothed sex. He’s impatient and sometimes can’t wait. He’s just gotta stick it in asap

•Impulsive/public sex too? Like, I think Phinks is risky enough to have sex with his partner sayyyy right in the middle of the current Phantom Troupe base. Well, maybe not right in the middle, but off in a corner somewhere. He doesn’t really care if there’s people around, especially the other Spiders. Sure, he’ll yell at them if they come snooping and interrupt the sex, but he’s too needy to find the right place to go at it. So almost anywhere is fair game When he wants it, he wants it

•Light scratching. He thinks it’s hot when his partner is feeling so good that they scratch at him, but he gets annoyed if it’s over the top. He can suffer some red marks down his back, but don’t overdue it