Gin Ichimaru

•There are two types of affection Gin will offer: the “facade” ruse, where he’s almost obnoxiously affectionate with you, even in public, just to be a tease and fluster you. As in, he’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ear, twirl your hair through his fingers, give you scant pecks on the back of your hand. You can tell they’re not intimate touches. Then it’s the private affection, where he’ll massage your shoulders and give you meaningful kisses

•Gin likes reading with his s/o. He was an avid reader in his free time, and he’d like if you gave him suggestions and vice versa, so you two could be well-versed in each other’s interests

•Gin never imagined having kids. Kids, to him, are little shits. He was a little shit. So what’s to say his kids wouldn’t be little shits too? But, he thinks about it sometimes. He watches kids play (mostly the quiet kids, the ones who are by themselves playing with little action figures and what not, and look quite content with their solace) and he can imagine himself having a kid like that. But he’d never voice these thoughts, not to his s/o, not to anyone. He just thinks about it sometimes 

•He always makes sure to say good morning and goodnight to you. He knows you might not notice it or consider it significant, but it means a lot, if you think about it. Like, climbing into bed with him at night, he has to whisper “goodnight” to you, or else it doesn’t feel right. Even if he says it in a little cheeky voice, as if he were teasing you, it’s meaningful

•Also, though he’s not a big cuddler, he feels better sleeping close to his s/o at night. Even if it’s just your backs being pressed up against each other, or one of your legs draped over his under the covers, even if it’s just your feet touching—the contact soothes him, in an odd way. If he sees that you’ve strayed away from him in the middle of the night, he repositions himself to be next to you again

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

•Listen, Grimmjow wouldn’t be a great boyfriend. He just wouldn’t. He’s too arrogant and too absorbed in his own agenda to dote on a s/o. But he has his moments. Even if they’re more ‘inward’ moments where he thinks about the relationship rather than relaying these thoughts to you. For example, he thinks about the moments you first started talking to him, or maybe the moment you two first kissed. Something like that. It’s kind of sappy, and he gets embarrassed by just thinking about that shit but hey, he does it sometimes 

•Of course, he’s very clingy when he’s sleeping/napping (do Arrancar need sleep? always wondered) Even if he’s not in bed with a partner, he grabs onto pillows and doesn’t let go. But with a partner, it’s a mess. Don’t expect bedtime with Grimmjow to be cute or fun. He’ll latch onto you, even if it’s just your arm (sometimes he even manages to get your leg) and won’t let go. He also has a bad habit of scratching at you a little 

•This isn’t conventionally ‘fluffy’ (it might be a little twisted tbh) but Grimmjow’s ‘affection’ for you becomes transparent when he feels threatened. As in, he feels you’re more interested in someone else and he might possibly lose you. So basically, when he’s feeling jealous and possessive. As long as you’re not doing it on purpose in an attempt to piss him off, then he’ll have a “favorable” reaction. A dramatic reaction, at first, though. Like he’s gonna yell at you a little, or maybe just badger you with questions about why you’re spending so much time with some other guy. But he does it because he takes you for granted, and it’s only when the possibility arises that you might lose interest in him that he’ll get his shit together (as much as a guy like Grimmjow can)

•But afterward you might notice he’s a little more attentive. It’s his way of showing you that he ‘cares’. Which is a lot for Grimmjow. Because Grimmjow just isn’t the type to try in a relationship. Or whatever his idea of a ‘relationship’ is. Grimmjow is complicated ok