headcanons with Neji from Naruto (I don’t have something special in mind, just write as you feel ^^)

headcanons for one of my Patreons! Thanks fam! I’m in love with Modern AU so I’m gonna do some Modern AU headcanons OKIE


•In a Modern AU, I feel like he’d be down to take someone on a date to a museum. Or like… some cafe? Quiet, calm cafes are his favorite. Honestly, Neji’s date hotspots are various, it just depends on what sounds appealing to his s/o

•Neji is kind of cheap when it comes to a s/o though, but he goes all out when it comes to special occasions. As in, sacrificing a month or two’s salary to take his s/o to a fancy ass restaurant. Like that 50$ a plate shit. You can tell he’s in pain. It hurts him to spend money. Him and his wallet. But it’s worth it to see that little smile on his s/o’s face

•Neji doesn’t watch TV very often. It’s only when Lee or Tenten force him to sit down and try to watch something new that he even bothers to sit in front of a television. Probably a sucker for some good old fashioned crime shows though

•His fashion sense is a little off sometimes. Everyone says he tries too hard. Sometimes he dresses ‘preppy’ too. These are some things he might wear vvvvvv


Otherwise his ‘casual’ outfit is just some jeans, but, he still has to wear a nice t shirt. He dresses to impress. They call me salad cuz I be dressin. His motto

•I’m really into Neji going to law school! He’d be an excellent lawyer, I think. Otherwise, he might go somewhere in the criminal justice system. Detective Hyuuga just sounds spicy yessss. Otherwise, he’d probably follow in the footsteps of whatever the Hyuuga family specialized in

•I guess I’m going for more college/student headcanons here, but Neji might volunteer as a teacher’s assistant, or, work as a tutor outside of school. Everyone pokes fun at Neji because he gets all annoyed and flustered 80% of the time around kids. 

“Yeah we know Neji, you hate kids” everyone says. 

But nahhh, he’s actually good with kids in an educational setting. He really wants the kids he tutors to succeed, even if he’s a little strict at times

•Perfect attendance. Never misses class. Even when he’s super sick and the teachers beg him to leave, he has to stay. He just pulls on a mask and endures

•Neji gets copious amounts of sleep. His sleep schedule is impeccable. He refuses to get anything below 8 hours of sleep. He even has one of those cute little sleep masks to block out the light 

•Really good at first person shooter games like??? Scary good?? Not a fan of video games, but he’ll wreck given the opportunity. gg no re

•Even if the Hyuuga fam has some money to spend, Neji 100% believes in making his own money and working toward his own goals. He gets a job as soon as he can

•Sort of angsty I guess: but Neji doesn’t realize how bad he’s stressing until someone actually points it out to him. Probably Tenten. I would venture to say Neji even has a problem. He doesn’t know when to stop working

•Realllly good at learning foreign languages? I just feel like he catches on rather fast

•I’m getting miscellaneous here, but I see Neji as the type who hates taking medicine? He just refuses. Even if he has a splitting headache, he’s like no, my body will fight it off. Like damn Neji just relax and take a Tylenol 

•ANGST AGAIN because I am angst trash. Let’s say Hizashi died in this AU too. He left Neji a watch. It wasn’t a costly or grandiose watch, but Neji still wears it every day. One of—if not his most—prized possession

•Neji hates the word bae? And most other slang. He hates ‘teen lingo’, as he calls it. Doesn’t understand it. Hits up Urban Dictionary more often than he cares to admit when someone sends him “wym” and “wbu” or “smh”. Neji is like… what?

•People (let’s be honest, mostly girls) in class who sit behind him are alwaysss touching his hair. And he doesn’t like it. He’ll let one or two girls get away with brushing it for a second, because yeah he knows he’s got some nice hair. But then he’s like ‘okay hands off cut it out’. Neji doesn’t like being treated like a doll okay

•Neji once got dragged into volunteering at an animal clinic and he low key fell in love with one of the dogs there but he won’t tell anyone. Was just such a cute dog. He’d pet it tenderly when no one was looking

•Neji is kind of big on politics. He keeps up with the news as often as possible and can debate for hourssss about the political climate (imagine how much fun he’d have with America’s clusterfuck right now)

•Neji reads a lot. He believes it’s best to always be reading a book. He finishes book after book. Sometimes he can pick one up and finish it in a day