Okay SO after reviewing all the headcanons I received I’ve actually come to see I have more than 120 lol it’s about 150, and around 30 of those are scenario drafts. I was hoping I would be able to write all the scenario drafts that came in, but given they’ll be just as long (if not longer) than the regular scenarios I write, and that I still have 2 scenarios from the previous round to get to, I’ll only be writing a few. I don’t want to risk running out of headcanons and having to postpone these scenarios in the end, so it’s best that I just do a few. Sorry about that.

I chose ten through a random generator and got:

1. Draft scenario, please, of Madara falling in love with the fem!doctor who saves Izuna’s life.


3. Draft scen of any one of your favorite characters from any fandom (if I had to pick, maybe MM?) and their s/o or MC being hesitant to tell them that she’s pregnant and how they eventually find out please?

4. Pretty please draft scenario on Tobirama destroying his once happy and good marriage with his sharp words and temper over some simple matter? Like, no matter how much time passes things just aren’t the same and no matter what he tries to do to fix, it cannot be undone? – Oh! can I add to an ask that I sent earlier? it’s the Tobirama fucking up his relationship with his sharp words anon. Like, he and his s/o are stuck together because it’s an arranged marriage, so it’s for political stuff, so they can’t get divorced even if the s/o doesn’t want to be with him anymore 😦 *this is the angsty shit I LIKEEEEE*

5. Draft scenario or hcs of Itachi spending the last day with his s/o, before the massacre?

6. HCs or draft scenario of Sasuke having a thing for Itachi’s s/o.

7. Hope you’re having a good day! May I request a scenario draft of Chad’s s/o proposing to him? Thank you!

8. Hey could you do a scenario draft of Jiraiya taking care of a chronically ill SO?

9. Shino Aburame scenario please? He’s a favourite character of mine that feels so unloved *I feel like I’m sooooo bad with Shino so keep in mind I might have to do an AU or something with this one so it really motivates me. Hope that’s okay!*

10. Grimmjow scenario draft? Can be Human au if you wish! Or he’s still an arrancar. But he slowly gets interested in a human girl? Thanks! *helllll yes*

To everyone else who left scenario draft requests: thank you!!! Some of you left nice messages with your requests and thank you especially to you guys ❤ sorry you didn’t make it this round, there were lots of other requests that sounded really cool, try next time!