I have some similair headcanons here


•Obito pretty much loses his composure when his crush is around. He could be cool as a cucumber one second but when he spies his crush coming around, he starts panicking a little on the inside

•One of Obito’s biggest problems is regret. Whenever his crush is around, he’s sometimes too nervous to speak to them and prefers not to even make eye-contact with them to avoid embarrassment. But whenever they’re gone, he starts regretting the fact that he didn’t talk to them. It really eats at him after a while. Poor Obito. He’s so conflicted

•Sometimes he’s the complete opposite though. He’ll come off too strong at times, especially when he goes through his spikes of confidence where he thinks he’s smooth as hell and can get away with being ridiculously extroverted. Not that extroverted and enthusiastic Obito isn’t fun, but it is a little jarring for his crush to experience when he’s usually relatively quiet. It’s just a complete 180

•Lots of Obito’s regret comes from his desires to confess too. Once he feels that he’s developed a substantial relationship with his crush, he’s just itching to find a time to confess. But he gets scared, and spends too many hours trying to figure out how to tell them. Gathering the courage to tell them is one thing, but trying to formulate an actual confession is even more difficult

•A little angsty, but his crush would be able to notice the change in Obito’s demeanor while he was dealing with this latent anxiety. They could see the way his eyes lit up whenever he looked at them, but how quickly they dimmed into an anxious flutter whenever he thought about how much he wanted to confess. You can visibly see how the struggle is affecting him. Poor Obito