ahhh poor babies


•He’s so heartbroken omg. He’s in denial at first. He just really can’t believe this is happening to him like?? How could his s/o be so cruel?? What did he do??? What did he do to deserve this??

•He skips over the anger phase for a moment and first goes into this swirl of guilt. He feels like it’s his fault. He knows he must have done something to cause this

•So he’ll confront them and ask them about it. Honestly, knowing that he actually did something to push them away won’t hurt him as much as receiving no clear answer. Like… knowing your s/o left you just because they were tired of you? Because they just didn’t care enough to be with you anymore? That hurts

•Dwells on it and grieves for a very long time. It’s obvious that something is wrong. Even if he hasn’t told anyone about the incident (and no matter how petty he wants to be and spread nasty rumors about them, he might not. It’s just embarrassing) everyone in the village would be able to tell something wasn’t right. Naruto is usually bubbly. When he’s going through something, you know

•He’s just very depressed for a while. Won’t talk to anyone. Won’t even bother leaving his room if he doesn’t feel like seeing anyone

•When he does finally find the motivation to go out into the village, it’s very risky, because if he sees his ex s/o then there’s a high chance he’ll confront them and let them have it. If he didn’t already go off on them when he first found out, then now is when he’s going to let the rage flow free. His grieving stage is put on pause and the anger is coming out

•He tries to stay mad at them, but he fails. It just shifts back into heartache and he can’t really focus on his frustration and resentment. Naruto has a difficult time holding grudges so he’s going to get over it at some point


•So this depends on pre-Shippuden ending or post-Shippuden ending Sasuke for me, if that makes sense? Pre Sasuke is still rather volatile, and he obviously wouldn’t take this well at all. He’d immediately vent out his frustration and admonish his s/o, demanding to know where they got off thinking that they could do this to him. Breaking up with him was one thing, like okay. Fine I guess. But breaking up with him for someone else just hits his pride

•Post-Shippuden Sasuke is more reticent in his grief and anger. Upon hearing this from his s/o, he probably won’t even say anything. He’ll just stare at them for a long time, and then leave. He needs to settle with the news on his own and contain his indignation so it doesn’t blow

•Once he’s ready, he goes back to talk to them. Sasuke just wants answers. He wants to know how this happened and wants to know if they were already fooling around with this other person while the relationship was still going

•He’s relatively calm, almost scarily calm. It’s just that he’s learned to quell his temper when he can feel it rising. No matter how much he wants to snap at them and chastise them and call them a horrible, unfaithful idiot—he won’t

•Part of him understands that this might be what’s best for his s/o. If they’re leaving, it’s because the relationship wasn’t working for them. And Sasuke would rather them end it then endure in misery, even if it hurts him

•He won’t really look for congenial grounds with his s/o after that. Even if they said they still wanted to be friends with him, Sasuke would say “that’s fine” but won’t have any intention of following through. He’ll ignore them for the rest of his life tbh. Not to be petty, but because that’s the only way he’s going to be able to cope with the heartbreak


•Kakashi tries to hide the impact of the news behind humor, which is actually really sad. Poor Kakashi

•He just kinda shrugs and scratches the back of his head, unable to look them in the eye as he asks “Am I really that awful of a guy?”

•He’s completely serious though. He wants to know why, first and foremost. Why is this happening? Why now? Why is this so sudden? He’ll stay quiet as his s/o gives him an explanation. Kakashi doesn’t really know what he expects or what he’s looking for in that explanation, but knowing the full truth is for the better, even if it hurts to hear them say that they just don’t want to be with him anymore

•At some point, he will get angry. He just thinks it’s unfair, and a shitty thing to do. Hearing that they wanted to break up would be one thing, but for them to blatantly tell them it was for someone else??? I mean yeah he wanted to hear the truth, but the truth is a bitch. Kakashi is just confused as to how they could be so cruel

•He needs time to clear his head before he can even frame a reply. Upon hearing the s/o’s explanation, Kakashi just can’t really think of anything relevant to say. He’s not going to beg. He’s not going to cry. He’s just going to take it. Any words he has to say would be out of anger. Something under his breath or in a scoff, like “I can’t believe this”

•He isn’t petty, per se, but he doesn’t let go of the anger easily. He won’t talk to his ex s/o for a long time, if at all. If the s/o doesn’t seem to have any intention of keeping up with him, then he won’t bother doing the same for them. He doesn’t need to stay in contact with them. It’s probably better that way. Kakashi isn’t really looking to ‘stay friends’ because it’s just difficult for him