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•Kankuro finds it cute at times, but otherwise, it kind of throws him off. The constant switch between their cold demeanor and then suddenly going all sweet… he just doesn’t get it

•Kankuro will see a tsundere s/o as a challenge, which is always fun. He tries as hard as possible to get that cutesy side out of them whenever possible, and feels accomplished if he gets a little blush out of them every once in a while

•However, there is an angsty side to this. Kankuro will at time feel like his s/o isn’t really into the relationship because they can be so cold. He may hit a point where he feels like his s/o really just doesn’t like him, and that all his efforts to show them affection are in vain

•It’s at this point some arguments will pop up? Kankuro just wants you to accept his love dammnit. In this case, a tsundere s/o won’t work too well with him

•But like I said, if it’s not too much, he can handle it. He can take it as a challenge and have fun trying to break their shell

•Besides, the times they’re not being all harsh and cold, when they’re warm and actually give in to affection, it’s a great reward. Kankuro enjoys those moments the most and he cherishes them as much as possible