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•I’m sure he would keep up his puppeteering hobbies in a modern AU if possible, but I also see him being an avid reader. He visits his local library often and rents books, but doesn’t usually buy them. Sasori does read summaries thoroughly, but sometimes he finds a book is boring him and he’ll stop midway and forget about it, so he doesn’t see the point in actually buying the books to keep

•Sasori enjoys living on his own. Even if he had a s/o, the idea of moving in together just doesn’t sound fun. He’d bluntly reject the idea. He just does better by himself, away from distractions and nuisances. If he’s feeling ‘lonely’ he can go and seek company. Otherwise, he’s fine being alone

•Doesn’t watch much TV. Only interested in the news, but he gets most of that from an old-fashioned newspaper anyways

•When he wants to get out of his apartment (I can see him also buying a little house for himself. Just nothing too big. He’s all for minimal living) then he’ll visit the art museum. But all he does it critique the art. He literally sneers at pieces that just disgust him. Modern art annoys him tbh

•Don’t know what his job would be tbh. If it doesn’t have to do with making puppets, he might just be a librarian? A simple job. He’d prefer a job where he didn’t have to communicate with people, so he’d be one of those librarians who sits in an obscure corner of the library reading his own book so you can’t find him and bother him with questions. Or he just sits at the front desk and ignores everyone who tries to talk to him. Somehow never gets fired though

•Okay so typical librarian headcanon: but I just imagined Sasori with glasses and I’m really digging it. Obviously reading glasses are in canon Naruto verse too yeah I know, but just imagine Sasori with reading glasses on a with a lil cardigan or vest. God damn so cute

•Listen Sasori will gift, and enjoys being gifted, little succulents. I know I know, it seems a little too “cutsey” for Sasori, but he actually likes the aesthetic. He has a few lining his windowsill at home