niiiiiice. and don’t worry your English is fine! I’m glad you’re addicted to Tobirama. I am too. Obviously (((: sorry this took so long to get out


•I assume you mean receiving a surprise blowjob while they’re asleep, right? Tobirama probably wakes up as soon as they get down there and put hands on his dick. His eyes shoot open and he tries to push them away. So honestly, giving him a blowjob in the middle of the night probably won’t yield favorable results 

•There are the rare times where he’s so exhausted that nothing will wake him up though. And, he gets into these deep sleeps where no outside sensation really bothers him or shakes him from sleep. This is the optimal time to go for the late night succ 

•Even then, s/o isn’t going to get very far, but they can at least take his dick out and stroke a little. He’ll murmur and grunt in his sleep, maybe even shift away from them. He’s a prude even in his sleep wow Tobirama

•He’s probably going to wake up once they start sucking and get into it. He’s slow and groggy at first, but once he realizes what’s going on, he sits up and just??? He’s confused??? It’s the middle of the night why aren’t they sleeping what’s wrong with them? Probably scolds them too, “What are you doing?”

•But listen, he probably thought he was having a wet dream while he was getting sucked off so he’s definitely hard and there’s no denying that. He’s flustered and reluctant to let them continue but if they persuade him… then he’ll give in. A little midnight fun never hurt anybody. He’s just embarrassed that he got so hard while he was unconscious. So expect him to try and hold in his moans and groans the best he can. But Tobirama is pitiful at keeping composure when he gets blowjobs okay. He’s a mess by the end of it


•Tbh he already knows what his s/o is doing when they first start shifting under the covers. If they look close enough, they can see a tiny little smirk on his face while he still pretends to be asleep

•Madara may not be in the mood for a blowjob, so it definitely depends on his mood, but I doubt he would say no. He ‘casually’ and ‘inadvertently’ shifts around to get in the optimal bj position when he realizes what his s/o is up to. Widens his legs just a little to make room for his s/o

•If they don’t know by now he’s actually awake, then Madara won’t ruin the fun. He’ll just pretend to stay asleep. If at any point in time they slow down or stop completely, Madara demands out of nowhere, “Keep going” 

and it probably startles them because OH YOU’RE AWAKE MADARA. He peels an eye open to smile down at them before getting comfortable again and waiting for them to continue, probably twisting a hand in their hair while he’s at it

•He’s not one to suppress little moans and grunts when something feels good either, so he’ll let loose if they’re sucking him good enough

•While middle of the night blowjobs are fun and all, there’s no promises that Madara won’t want more after he comes. There’s a price for waking him up in the middle of the night. Once you rile him up, he’s riled up. He can’t just go back to bed afterward. There might be some more fooling around, so his s/o should prepare themselves