this is a sensitive topic so it’s going under the cut

Just as a disclaimer: of course ‘making it up’ to a s/o won’t/shouldn’t really mean anything in the end, since abuse is serious, and I would rather not write anything that sounds like it’s romanticizing abuse. That’s just not chill, and I feel as though I would be writing OOC, in a way. So I’ll write this realistically and rationally. Also, this is a lot of characters so these will be short

Obito: I just don’t see Obito ever hitting his s/o. If anything, he might push or shove at them if they’re in his face while he’s angry, but not hard enough to hurt them. But even then, he would feel awful about it, and apologize immediately. He honestly regrets if from that point on. He just keeps going back to that moment and remembering how angry he was, and promises himself never to get that angry again

Deidara: Deidara is probably the type to hit his s/o if he’s mad enough, but he knows the repercussions, so he might also hold back. He knows he’ll lose his s/o’s trust and he knows the relationship will never be the same. So if he likes them enough, he’ll really hold back. But if he doesn’t care enough about them to keep a lid on his temper, then he’d probably do it, and have little remorse about it. If they leave him, then fine. They leave. He’ll deal with the guilt later

Kisame: I don’t really see Kisame hitting his s/o? He knows it’s just not right. I don’t even really see him putting hands on his s/o in any way at all. Kisame is a ruthless guy but he knows better than to hurt his s/o, even if he’s really angry. He knows he needs to walk away and cool off

Itachi: Another one who is highly unlikely to ever put hands on his s/o. It’s just not him. He can’t do it. Hypothetically, if he did hit them, Itachi knows there is no way to make it up to them. He’d sooner break off the relationship himself and leave them than try and find a way to ‘make it up’ to them. They’d be scared of him, just waiting for him to snap again, and he can’t be with them knowing they’re living in fear. So he does them a favor and leaves. But again, I just don’t see him hitting a s/o. He’s too rational and too composed for that

Sasori: Yeah he’d probably hit his s/o if they were pestering him enough. But he also thinks it’s a little tactless so maybe not. If he really cared about them, he would deeply regret it, but there’s not much he can do to make it up to them. He’s not the type to profusely apologize or get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. So don’t expect that from Sasori

Kakuzu: No problem hitting a s/o. When he’s enraged, there’s very little that’s going to stop him from lashing out. Don’t expect any remorse or apologies on his end. Kakuzu just doesn’t care

Hidan: He’s the same way. Though I have to be honest, if he’s mad enough, he’s less likely to settle with just a slap or hit. Hidan will honestly kill you if you get him mad enough. That’s just how he is. Even if you’re his s/o, there’s no way you get off easily if you make him angry. No exceptions. And I doubt he regrets it at all. Just don’t date Hidan okay

Konan wouldn’t hit her s/o. She just can’t do it. It’s not right, and the idea of hitting your s/o out of rage is just so awful and ridiculous to her. She would never do that to her s/o

Nagato is the same way tbh. Nothing else to say about it. He just wouldn’t