•I honestly think he would want a small, intimate wedding. We all know he struggles a little with big wedding plans, so it’s best if they go the minimal route. If not, he just stresses way too much

•He prefers his s/o pick the things they like. It’s not that he’s not interested in picking wedding things, he’s just afraid his s/o won’t like it. The first time they disagree on wedding colors or wedding flowers, Iruka learns it’s best just to let them do what they want. Again, he’d rather not make a big fuss about the wedding

•And when I say that it’s small and intimate, I mean it. It was probably a secret too. Only selective people got invites, and Iruka would ask them in private if they could keep it under the radar. For Iruka, part of the stress that comes along with wedding planning is wondering whether or not he’ll upset someone for not inviting them. He just feels super guilty about it if someone comes up to him like, “What, no invite?”

•Because it’s a minimalist wedding, a nice place in the woods would probably be optimal for his wedding. Or maybe some inn away from the village. 

•It is worth mentioning that Iruka is definitely that dude who cries when he sees his s/o on their wedding day. It doesn’t even have to be at the altar. The morning of the wedding, he wakes up next to his s/o and gets a little teary-eyed because he’s just so overwhelmed with the idea that he’ll be married to this person by the end of the day