•Izuna can be a good sugar daddy when he wants to be. Otherwise he’s unfair and will make his sugar baby work a lot harder than they need to. It’s just him being a little sadistic tbh

•See Izuna wants his sugar baby to look and feel good. He wants them to flaunt. Wants them to go out with expensive clothes they bought with their sugar baby money. Yet at the same time, he’ll remind them not to get too cocky if they’re getting a little too comfortable with the extravagant lifestyle

•Lingerie. Tight clothes. Anything to show off his sugar baby’s figure. He’ll disapprove if they don’t pick some nice-fitting clothes. Hence why he’ll probably buy clothes for them. Other times, he thinks shopping is boring and will just hand his sugar baby a wad of cash and tell them to go crazy. It depends on his mood 

•Very persistent when it comes to “date nights”. His sugar baby has to clear their schedule for him. Not the other way around. He wants a sugar baby appointment, then he’s getting his sugar baby appointment. NSFW included

•Despite the pretentious connotations mentioned above ^ Izuna is rather quiet about his sugar daddy lifestyle. He’d rather not hear any gossip about it. He doesn’t share it with people. It’s his private business and he doesn’t see why anyone but him and his sugar baby should zare

•He probably lives somewhere lavish. And he likes picking up his sugar baby on the weekends and bringing them over to spend the night. Just a little tradition

•When I say Izuna isn’t a fair sugar daddy, I mean you gotta remind him to give you your sugar baby allowance every once in a while. Because it’s not some scheduled thing for him. He gives his sugar baby some money based on how he’s feeling. If they’ve been annoying him lately then he won’t bother remembering to send them any money tbh. R.i.p