Annie Leonhardt

•Annie is no less stoic with a female s/o than she would be any other type of s/o. Just because her s/o is a girl doesn’t mean she’s inclined to be more ‘gentle’ and cordial around her. Annie treats her the same because she thinks that’s what she deserves

•At the same time, Annie finds she can’t relax easily around her. Sometimes she’s just worried that her girlfriend will judge her? Get tired of her? I don’t know. There’s something about her gf that just gets Annie a bit paranoid and insecure when she’s feeling low

•But don’t worry, Annie’s not always like that. It’s just when she’s in one of her down moods. Otherwise, her mood is just… quiet. She enjoys just sitting beside her s/o and reveling in the quiet. After a day of training or work, she just wants to sit in the mess hall alone with her s/o and enjoy a nice meal. That’s what little relaxing time Annie gets, but she savors it

•There honestly won’t be much talking unless the gf is the one who brings something up. Annie can go an entire day without having a conversation with her. She’s not in any way being malignant, she just thinks peaceful silence is better than forcing conversation

•That being said, don’t be surprised if Annie is having a conversation with her gf and goes dead silent the moment someone else cuts in. Annie gets very frustrated if someone interrupts private time with her gf. Which is why most of that intimacy and affection comes only when they’re alone. That way Annie doesn’t have to worry about anyone cutting in. Annie is totally unforgiving if someone intervenes on her ‘gf time’

•Annie definitely smiles more around her s/o when they’re alone too. Sometimes, a smile will even slip in public. The times Annie isn’t insecure or on edge, she’s incredibly relaxed. And smiling or even chuckling comes a lot easier to her

•She has this habit of needing to walk her gf to her room every night. Not that she’s overprotective, she just sleeps better knowing she can make sure her s/o is okay