thank you! Soooo sorry this took so long to answer. I hope this can still help you even if it’s been a while

I don’t know if I have tips for Naruto specifically, but in general, I think it’s worth watching all the filler you can lol. I didn’t, and it kind of sucks because you miss important little details about characters, and you also miss even meeting characters that some people eventually request. So if you haven’t already, catch up on filler!

And I don’t mean to be snarky by saying this but I also think it’s worth it to actually finish the show lol? I have a friend who’s running a blog and she hasn’t seen all of Naruto (hope you don’t mind me calling you out like this, I love you) and that just makes it really difficult to run a Naruto blog. Lots of major characters are introduced later on in Naruto, so if you haven’t watched up to the end, it’s worth it. And vice versa, if you’ve only seen Shippuden and not the first series, watch it! I only say this because I’ve seen it happen and I know how difficult it can be to deal with

Those are probably some obvious tips… hmmm I’m honestly reaching for any Naruto specific tips. 

I’m pretty confident in the fact that my blog kind of caters to side characters more than main characters, so it’s always good to be well-versed in side characters and main characters, that’s something to keep in mind. I think that attracts a lot of people 

Don’t be afraid to write super nsfw? Just be dirty. I guarantee you 90% of the people who follow imagines blogs want to see that dirty shit. If they don’t, then they can always blacklist your nsfw tag. If you’re not afraid to get dirty, then people will love that

In a fandom like Naruto where there are widely popular characters, it’s important to be diverse. Sometimes my blog is just filled with the founders trio and Kakashi because that’s all people usually request from me. So if you can, try to space out requests for the same character and put a variety on your blog. I know it’s difficult if that’s all that people are requesting, but you can always write some imagines of your own for a different character and just post them, ya feel? Basically, a variety is important 

Maybe you can do special little events to attract people? Like match ups or one of those A-Z headcanon games. Headcanon games are super fun, definitely do them if you get the time

While you’re starting out and if you have enough requests to do so, try to update your blog every day. I know it’s super difficult, but I find that if you’re a new blog and you post rapid fire imagines for three days and then just disappear, you’re kind of leaving your new followers in the dark. There’s nothing to really keep their interest fed. Rather than putting out lots of imagines a day, space it out so you have enough to update every day continuously for a week or two. Even if it’s only two imagines every day. I think it’s really important for new blogs to do this. Even if you can’t keep that up in the future, at least you can establish a good foundation and interaction with your followers in the beginning, if that makes sense? This doesn’t make sense does it lol. You just want to be as active as possible in the beginning without eating up all of your imagines in the first few days, if that makes sense. Be active, don’t update like crazy one day and forget about the blog the next—but don’t overdo it either. Take your time!

Of course, being an inviting admin is always nice. You don’t have to force people to come talk to you, but always advertise an open message box so people come talk to you if they want

I don’t know if there’s any more tips I have, I’m just surprised I got this much out tbh. Hopefully this helps? You’re always welcome to ask for a shoutout! It just sometimes takes me a few days to get them out, especially when I have so many

Good luck with the blog!!!!