Kiba really likes the water. Wants to go as far out as possible. Likes to be out there with the big waves and float on his back for a while. Can’t stand it when the water is really cold though. As for what he’d wear, probably some obnoxious swim shorts. It’s worth mentioning that Kiba doesn’t put on sunscreen even if you remind him, and he leaves the beach complaining about his bad sunburn every time

Kankuro of course is more about staying on the coast with the sand and shells. It really depends on how nice the water looks whether he’s going to get in or not. If it’s clear, beautiful water then yeah he’s gonna get in. He likes to see what’s underneath him. Otherwise, if the water’s a little murky, he can’t do it. He doesn’t trust any of the creepy crawlies at the bottom of the ocean. He’d also wear some regular swim trunks, a speedo if he was trying to impress someone