•Hashirama blushes so hard, the poor baby. I mean he’s super excited to hear his wifey doing something like that. Hearing his name come from her mouth like that just woooooo boy it gets him all riled up and eager. He has a huge grin on his face the whole time he’s listening in secret

•To save her the embarrassment, Hashi might let her finish up and get dressed before he comes in to greet her. But he can’t feign ignorance for long. He’ll have this big grin on his face the whole night and when she’s asks him what’s wrong, he has to spill it. Just tells her something like

“Well I uh… I saw you earlier”

•And of course once he comes out with it he’s still blushing, but he’s also got a lil foxy smile on. He’s totally ready to jump into bed with her after what he’s just seen, even if he has to reassure her and tease her for a few minutes and convince her not to be so embarrassed. He thinks it’s hot! And kinda cute! Don’t be embarrassed honey!

•He’ll make jokes in between the eager kisses he gives her. He even jokes when he’s in between her legs eating her out, and damn you know Hashi is good at that, and he LOVES it. He hasn’t tasted her in months so you know he’s gonna eat it good and he’s gonna eat it for hours if he has to

•The actual love making is super passionate, even if a little kinky, since the little show his wife put on for him earlier really riled him up. He might even encourage some mutual masturbation from that point on. If he didn’t know how much he liked seeing his wife touch herself before, then he definitely wants to see more of it now


•Honestly Tobirama will walk in and walk back out without being detected. He just freezes as soon as he sees, or hears his wife. Like… he was expecting to come in and see her sitting down reading a nice book or folding clothes or maybe even sleeping but he didn’t expect her to be doing that. So he’s pretty shook

•He almost feels bad for intruding, hence why he steps right back out, hoping she didn’t notice. And listen, as disappointing as this may be, Tobirama isn’t going to make a move immediately. He firstly makes some noise in the house to make it known that he’s home. Like coughing loudly or slamming a door shut. Anything to alert her that he’s home so she can collect herself. He just feels so indecent walking in on his wife. As hot as it may have been to see her like that, Tobirama is reeling and can’t find it in him to go in and just ravage her like he should. YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD TOBIRAMA

•Instead… he’ll continue the night like normal. Come in, say hi to his wife, give her a simple hug and kiss and all that since he’s been gone so long, act like he didn’t just see her her fingering herself five minutes ago, and carry on as usual

•It’s when they’re getting ready for bed that he makes his move. Albeit he did fight his inner prude a little, but he knew he couldn’t just let what he saw go without acting on it. Even if his wife expected them to have sex that might, she probably didn’t expect it to be so intense and vigorous

•As soon as they get into bed that night, he goes for it. His kisses are much heavier than usual and he starts stripping her on his own the second he gets his hands on her. Doesn’t even give it a second thought before he goes down to rub at her clit or finger her. Just goes straight for it

•She’s getting fucked good that night too. Tobirama was going to be a little rougher anyway since he hasn’t had sex in months, but she’s getting an even better dicking now. He’s going in, hard and fast thrusts and everything  


•Oh boy. Madara is conflicted. Should he be pleased or annoyed that she’s doing this while he’s away? I mean sure, he can’t blame her for touching herself. He’s been gone for such a long time. But he’s a little insulted she would do this on the night he was coming back. She may not have known he would just show up like this, but damnit she should have waited until he actually got home

•Like Tobirama, Madara might leave her be and announce his arrival to warn her after he’s listened to her for a few minutes. But he could also walk in on her eventually. He’s the one who is most likely to walk in, especially if he’s been feeling a little devoid of intimacy. Basically if he’s ready to fuck, he’s walking in, no question

•He waits until she sounds like she’s about to come (and he would know, since he’s made her come many a time before lol) and just walks in casual as hell to ruin her orgasm

•He enjoys the shocked look on her face and the way she scrambles to cover herself but he gives her that “there’s no need” look and just saunters over to the bed with a little smug smirk on his face. His main goal is to get her a little uncomfortable first before he even goes in for the kill. He can be a little sadistic

•He’ll like, interrogate her

“What do you think you’re doing?“ 

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“I didn’t meant to interuppt”

Like Madara you know damn well you’re just teasing her, don’t torture the poor girl

•She’s definitely getting fucked good. But first, Madara would probably coax her into touching herself again, and say “Do it for me”. He’d just sit back and wait until she obeyed before he even thought about touching her