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•Overall, he needs someone mature. That’s probably the best umbrella term I can think of. Itachi needs someone who is ready for a serious relationship, and who isn’t going to play games or invite drama

•Probably needs an independent s/o. They can’t depend on him to be available all the time. He’s not a perfect boyfriend and he understands that, so he needs them to understand that too. His Anbu work and dedication to the village is going to be a priority most of the time. And when it’s not, he focuses on his family. So his s/o would have to understand that Itachi is preoccupied most of the time. Which is why a s/o who is independent and can do their own thing without worrying about needing attention from him would be best

•To go off of that, someone ‘chill’? Maybe the best word to describe it is passive, or accepting. Like the type of s/o who can handle Itachi going MIA for a week and then coming back without getting upset with him. Itachi will do his best to warn them beforehand if he has a last minute mission to go on or something. But if he can’t, he needs a s/o who is patient and willing to put up with impulsive obstacles like that. That can’t freak out or get on him. They need to be chill

•This may be obvious, or maybe not obvious at all, but someone good with kids? Mostly because he would need his s/o to respect his love for Sasuke, especially when Sasuke is a little kid. If his s/o can’t respect that one of Itachi’s priorities is his little brother, then he can’t respect them

•I think Itachi would like a s/o with a sense of humor. Not too obnoxious or overbearing, but someone who can laugh every once in while and let loose

•Someone of mild intelligence tbh. At least to the point where he doesn’t feel like he has to baby them or walk them through simple things. It may seem harsh, but it goes back to the independence thing. They need to be smart and have common sense so they can take care of themselves, because Itachi won’t be there all the time

•He would probably do best with an introvert. He can’t live an extroverted life with an extroverted s/o, at least not easily. He loses energy fast with a s/o that’s too lively and all over the place

•Maybe this just goes along with the whole drama thing, and maybe this is even a little unfair, but Itachi is not likely to do well with a s/o who is prone to being emotional. Itachi just isn’t capable of being there as a shoulder to cry on 24/7. He can try as hard as he wants to make a s/o feel better, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t do much if they just tend to hit their low points more often than others. Yeah it might be shitty to say, but that’s just Itachi. It doesn’t mean he won’t be there for his s/o when they need it, they just can’t be overly emotional or sensitive, basically. Because he won’t be able to cater to that all the time. It’s best for both of them that Itachi not have a s/o like that