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Izuna Uchiha

•Well Konoha may or may not have been founded in this case. His death triggered a domino effect sort of thing for Konoha. If he hadn’t died, there’s no telling whether or not Hashirama and Madara would have clashed as intensely as they did that one time before Madara surrendered. So that’s one big game changer

•If he hadn’t died, the warring states period might have continued. And if Konoha was built at all, it would have been greatly postponed without Izuna’s death

•I could go into it BUT for the sake of these headcanons I’m going to pretend Konoha happened anyway because I think that would be super interesting with Izuna in the fold

•Madara probably would have felt more at ease with his brother at his side at first. But Izuna strikes me as the type who was like Tobirama in the sense that a Senju/Uchiha alliance did not suit his palate. He would have been constantly second guessing Madara’s decisions to make peace with Hashirama, and generally remaining in the background as a constant source of doubt and pessimism that would get on Madara’s nerve after a while

•He’s definitely causing trouble for Tobirama too, don’t be fooled. Madara and Hashirama’s reconciliation doesn’t mean Izuna and Tobirama have to get along. Izuna and Tobirama would always be at odds. Always arguing at council meetings, always glaring at each other, just being dicks to each other

•Izuna wouldn’t be as involved as he should be in Konoha affairs. He mostly sticks to the Uchiha side of the village and works on the welfare of his own clan. It’s only if Madara beseeched him that Izuna would try to participate in village projects