•So in all honestly we know how blunt of a guy Sai is. He’ll point out his s/o’s weight every so often. Not really in a joking manner or an offensive manner… it’s just an observation

•For this reason, he should expect his s/o to get irritated, even hurt at times. Sai doesn’t understand at first. But if they explain why, then he’ll try hard to keep his mouth shut next time

•And we all know Sai is no expert in the ways of romance or sentimentality, but if he sees his comments have hurt his s/o, or if anyone else has said something about their being chubby, he tries to make it up to them by distracting them. In general if his s/o happens to be insecure, he tries to distract them with his art and showing them his sketchbook. Maybe just trying to get them out into the village and explore

•Sai doesn’t really differentiate a chubby s/o from a thinner s/o so it’s all the same to him tbh. Sai is just one of those guys that doesn’t really pay attention to it. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing sometimes. A bad thing if he doesn’t understand where their insecurity might be coming from. A little extra weight doesn’t bother him at all. He might even be the type who isn’t into the stick thin look, js