lmao I actually talked about this with a friend the other day. under the cut just in case pregnancy sex bothers some people


•All the pregnancy sex. Hashirama doesn’t care. Sex is sex. As long as he’s not going to hurt the baby or his s/o in any way, he’s down. He might even be a little excited when her horny stage of the pregnancy comes around because yay!!! Fun horny sex!!!

•She doesn’t even have to ask or hint at wanting sex, he just does it. Pregnancy sex for Hashirama isn’t any different from regular sex, so it’s on a regular basis

•He goes down on his pregnant girl a lot at random. He just wants to treat her. He’s so happy she’s carrying his baby he’s gotta shows gratitude in every way possible

•Loves the stage when her boobs get really tender and sensitive because he loves to massage them hehe


•K Tobirama is just a mess when it comes to pregnancy sex because he wants to make sure his girl is healthy and not bothered by her hormones so he knows he should keep up the sex if she needs it, but he’s always kinda weirded out by pregnancy sex tbh

•It’s likely that as soon as he learns she’s pregnant, sex is off the table. He’s just too afraid he’ll hurt the baby somehow, and doesn’t want to be putting her in any weird positions. Of course the alternative is her on top, but that kinda… weirds him out too. Maybe he’ll tolerate it for a while, but as soon as her baby bump shows, he just doesn’t like looking up and seeing it lol

•As for blowjobs and handjobs ehhhh no blowjobs. He feels weird if his girl swallows because like… his baby is going to get it too. It’s so gross he cringes. Handjobs are a no too because he’s convinced that with her weird pregnancy strength she’ll like pull his dick off or something

•He’ll eat her out but again, that comes to a halt when her big belly starts to make him uneasy. He’s also worried an orgasm will trigger crazy contractions or something. As intelligent as Tobirama is, he’s paranoid and ignorant when it comes to pregnancy stuff. Poor dude. He’s a mess


•So Madara is OKAY with pregnancy sex, but only in the beginning. Once her baby bump is too big for him, let’s say around 4/5 months, then he’s done. Madara is a guy who likes his rough sex. He doesn’t feel comfortable with rough sex when his girl is too pregnant. So if he can’t have rough sex then he might as well not have sex at all. He’s willing to wait

•If she’s horny then Madara is fine eating her out or fingering her, but still no sex. He just feels like it would be awkward

•Rubbing her clit to an orgasm is also an option, but only if she has one of those late night horny episodes and he’s just too lazy or annoyed to do anything else