thank you! ❤ these are kind of going off of headcanons I already have here of Indra as a dad


•Indra is overall more distant than a father should be, but it doesn’t mean he hates his kid(s). He’s just lacking in the affection department, so it might seem like he’s just not interested in being a quality father sometimes

•That being said, he’s very protective over his kids. They’re his pride, so no one is messing with them. He keeps careful watch and makes sure they’re always out of harm’s way. But that means he’s a little too strict, really chastising them if they make little mistakes or put themselves in even the slightest of dangerous situations

•At the same time, he’s also a huge advocate of his kids learning to toughen up and prepare for the harsh realities of the world. He’d probably intimidate his kids for this reason. For example, if they were playing outside and got hurt, came running into the house with an injured arm, crying, he’d scold them for crying. Or at least turn up his nose, as if crying was for the weak. He just doesn’t want them to show weakness and be vulnerable, because it’s easier for people to hurt them like that. So his kids probably, and unfortunately, learn that showing ‘weak’ emotions like that around their father is ill-advised

•As mentioned in my other headcanons, he’s a more cordial parent with a daughter. More likely to ruffle her hair or touch her cheek to show a little affection in passing

•He’s the type of dad who “ignores” his children when he’s home. As in, he’s busy doing something else and will only pay attention to them if they hesitantly come seeking his attention. It depends on his mood whether he brushes them off or he gives them attention

•If he’s too strict and yells at them, he has a difficult time making up for it later. He probably doesn’t. At the least, he’ll make a point to be a little more patient the next day