Lmaoooo this is funny


•He’s a little sheepish tbh. He doesn’t really do well with his s/o’s family in the first place? I just feel like he’d be a little awkward around them. It’s just so much pressure to make himself out to be a likable person for his s/o’s family lol. So having an older sibling hounding him is just a little too much for Kakashi

•He tries to avoid running into the sibling as much as possible. His s/o will probably laugh at how intimidated he is, but he really isn’t intimidated, he’s just not looking to get into trouble or lose his temper with the sibling. Because when Kakashi loses his temper, it’s a mess

•This means Kakashi avoids his s/o’s family like the plague. He will do anything to get out of visiting them. He can do one dinner every few months but that’s it. He makes so many excuses as to why he can’t go to their house. He just does not want to see the family at all, mostly because of the tension with the sibling. Kakashi dies a little on the inside every time his s/o tells him that their parents want him over for dinner. He honestly reverts to begging and pleading and complaining if he has to. Anything to get out of it

•Tbh, Kakashi would have a fairly decent relationship with his s/o’s family in most cases, but this is one of those instances where it just doesn’t work out. Kakashi can’t feel pressured, or like he’s being scrutinized too much. It’s just too uncomfortable for him. His s/o having an overprotective sibling just kind of ruins it for him

•HIs best hope is that his s/o convinces their sibling to lay off, so that Kakashi slowly becomes comfortable again


•He’s a bit annoyed tbh but he can respect that the older sibling is protective, being an overprotective sibling himself

•He’s civil at first, but you can tell when the tension and annoyance is high. He can only take so many side-eyed glares or inspecting gazes from the sibling before he starts glaring back. Not too harsh, but just significant enough that the sibling knows to back off

•I can see him coming to an understanding with the sibling eventually though. Itachi is the type who can put off a frustration until he really needs to deal with it, so if there’s ever a point where he just can’t deal with it anymore, he’ll have a talk with the sibling and figure things out

•Itachi wont be rude per se, but he does set things straight and let the sibling know that he’s really not looking to be monitored or antagonized every time he’s with his s/o. Itachi will tell the sibling that he has the best intentions for his s/o, so the older sibling shouldn’t worry

•This is a courtesy from Itachi though. He doesn’t have to be this nice. If the sibling still continues to be obtuse and purposely overprotective, then Itachi drops the congenial act


•Lmaooooo what a mess. Tobirama doesn’t enjoy anyone being on his case. He doesn’t accept disrespect. He won’t react kindly to this at all

•The sibling better hope they don’t catch Tobirama in a bad mood, because Tobirama will speak up the second they aggravate him. Tobirama doesn’t care about being uncivil or giving his s/o’s family a bad impression. He may hold off a little at first, try to control his temper, but he doesn’t have high tolerance for these sort of things

•He will literally at the dinner table spit out “Do you have a problem?” is he catches the sibling looking at him in any sorta way. Tobirama has a short fuse. His s/o quickly learns it’s best just to not bring him around the sibling until the situation is resolved, or until Tobirama can take a chill pill and just understand that’s the way the sibling is

•Tobirama is also overprotective, so maybe the sibling could come to respect him because of it? They both have the same motive, keeping the s/o safe, so maybe this mutual intent could resolve the issue

•Otherwise, it’s likely that the s/o won’t be able to bring Tobirama around their family that often. Tobirama is too arrogant and full of pride to endure the sibling