I’m rewatching Bleach rn with my mom which is cool so I’m hoping I write Bleach a little better once I get back into the Bleach swing. I feel like all my recent Bleach writing has been awful so I hope these are okay! 

Jushiro Ukitake

•Modern AU Jushiro, or, I guess he could probably do this in canon verse somehow, would loveeee movie nights. Whether that’s actually going to the movies or just staying in with his s/o and watching something, he loves it. It’s so relaxing, plus, I could see him being a movie lover

•Loves napping with his partner. He need lots of rest given his condition. So if his s/o reminded him to take it easy and rest for a while, Jushiro would appreciate it. His s/o should lie down with him too and just nap every once in a while. Cute relaxing couple things

•Maybe this is super random, but I love the idea of Jushiro discussing Kido with his s/o. Like, he’s a Kido nerd he’s so passionate about it

•If his s/o had siblings, nieces or nephews, or little cousins, anyone like that, Jushiro bonds with them easily. Which is great for the relationship between him and his s/o’s family. And also, good for gauging how well he does with kids, if his s/o wants to know for future plans (((:

•PDA isn’t a big thing for Jushiro. Doesn’t matter who his s/o is, he just thinks intimacy is more meaningful in private. That being said, he’s not afraid to give his s/o a little cheek kiss in public every now and then. Jushiro thinks it’s nice to surprise them like that sometimes

•His s/o should just expect that Kyoraku is the official third wheel almost all the time. Which is fine, he’s a cool guy

•Jushiro isn’t easily jealous and he probably won’t be often, but he does find he feels a little anxious if his s/o is occupied with other things and not paying him attention. But this is only in extreme cases. Otherwise, Jushiro loves that his s/o has their own hobbies and is busy doing their own thing. It’s just that he feels a little down sometimes if he hasn’t seen his s/o in a while because they’re busy. Jushiro himself is quite busy, so if his schedule conflicts with his partner’s and they can’t see each other often, Jushiro has s/o withdrawals. Poor bb 

•Jushiro would like to get his s/o into meditation? It helps him de-stress a lot which is great 

•He takes anniversaries very seriously, so his s/o should expect him to remember anniversaries down to the very hour that he asked them out (or when THEY asked him)